The modern Spas, no matter if you find them integrated in a hotel, in a holiday resort or as a single facility, offer a truly valuable sensual experience. It is a perfect atmosphere to recover, relax and let everything else go.

Did you ever try meditation with different light colours? Sometimes you find this kind of installation in day or city spas. It is proven that certain colours have a psychological and physical effect, e.g.:

  • red is activating and stimulates different body functions
  • orange stands for positive energy and stimulates the digestion and appetite
  • yellow brings joy and comfort and it stimulates different body functions
  • green symbolizes harmony and balance and it helps, like orange, to foster your health
  • blue stands for calmness, wideness and deepness, peace and helps to relax
  • violett, similar to blue, is a cold colour, helps to calm down and therefore is often used for meditation purposes

There are much more psychological effects of colours, these are some examples for the use of colours in spas. This kind of experience recharges your batteries and gives your mind the chance to rest.

If you feel stressed or tensed, you need to give your mind and body a break! After this, you will feel much better and be more able to concentrate on important actions than before. So from viewpoint of your ability to produce good results at work, but also to maintain your health, it is fundamental to respect the desire of your mind, body and soul to rest – and a spa always offers good options for this!

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