“Qi charging” compared to life energy “Qi”

Does it make sense to name a technical patent “Qi” (wireless charging) based on the original meaning of the life energy “Qi”?

If you have an interest in technology, then one of the recent trends in this field that you may have heard of is Qi, or the technical patent linked to wireless charging. What does it mean and is it related to the original meaning of Qi? Find out through this article.

What Does Qi Originally Mean?

The original meaning of Qi can be linked to traditional Chinese culture. According to their culture, it refers to the active principle, which forms a vital part of all living things. In most cases, you can see Qi being translated as life force, life energy, and energy flow. It is the underlying principle in martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine.

Qi comes in different forms with each one having a strong relationship with your health. You can manipulate each Qi to flow through an appropriate meridian at acupuncture points. It can help restore and provide healing energy to your organs. You can also expect Qi to work together with other important substances to improve the health of your body.

What Does Qi in the Field of Technology Mean?

A technical patent, which is also named Qi, is gaining popularity recently. Even if it was published around 10 years ago, it only gained traction nowadays with the rise in popularity of mobile technology. The Qi in this field refers to wireless charging, which means that for you to charge your gadget or devices, it is no longer necessary to reach for and use a cable.

With this wireless charging technology, you can wirelessly power electronics and devices, like tablets, smartphones, and wearable products. It got the name Qi from the exact Chinese term used for natural energy, which is its original meaning. The fact that it is useful in providing energy and power to devices and electronics is a reason why it truly makes sense to give this wireless charging technology the name Qi.

How Does It Work?

This form of wireless charging technology can be expected to work on all Qi-enabled devices and phones. If your device is enabled with Qi, then it means that it now features the Qi standard, which comes from the Chinese term Qi, meaning life energy. This feature supports wireless charging by default. For it to work, it makes use of a Qi-receiving coil, which is useful in transferring inductive energy.

If you are into wireless charging for your phones or other devices, then find out whether they support the Qi standard. The good thing about the recent smartphones is that they already have built-in Qi standard. With that, your goal of charging them wirelessly is possible.


Qi is no longer just used in Chinese medicine nowadays. With the advent of technology, you can now also use the energy for wireless charging. It is more convenient, especially for people on the go who can’t be bothered with charging using cables and finding a source of energy.

What is the Meaning of the Current Technology Trend “Qi” in Phones/Electric Equipment?

One of the most recent trends in technology is Qi, which is now widely used in several phones, devices, and other electronics. For those who are unfamiliar with it, it can be defined as a standard of wireless charging. It is so good that major phone manufacturers, like Apple and Samsung, also use it.

Qi (Wireless Charging) Standard for Phones and Electronics Defined

One thing you have to take note of about wireless charging technologies is that all of them function based on just a similar principle. It also comes with two competing kinds – the magnetic resonance and magnetic inductive charging. Published in the year 2010 for the first time, the Qi wireless charging standard refers to the inductive method of charging devices wirelessly.

While it was published a few years back, it gained more popularity recently because many have discovered how good it is and its promising benefits to a lot of devices and equipment. Apart from having specified three various power ranges when it comes to wireless chargers, the standard also emphasizes the specific way through which devices should communicate using charging stations to guarantee efficient and safe charging.

How Does Wireless Charging Using the Qi Standard Work?

Wireless charging is beneficial nowadays because of the convenience and hassle-free manner of charging it offers. It also gained fame because of the rise of mobile technology. With the help of this wireless charging technology, you can charge various devices and electronics, including your smartphone, even if you do not have a charging cable. It works based on the concept of inductive charging. It follows the principle of transmitting electricity through the air using a magnetic field.

There is also a transmitter, which comes in the form of a plugged charging pad. This transmitter works by building an oscillating magnetic field using a phone or receiver, which will then collect current using a special antenna. The battery of the device will then be the one to store the current.

Categories of the wireless charging Qi

When learning about how Qi can benefit phones and electronics, it is crucial to note the two different categories of these wireless chargers. These are:

  • Low power, which encompasses chargers capable of delivering power of around 0 to 5 watts. It also covers the majority of portable and domestic devices, including Bluetooth earpieces, music players, and mobile phones.
  • Medium power, which includes those capable of delivering power up to a max of 1200 wats.

By learning about these categories, you will get to know which Qi charger will work for a specific phone or electronic. With the emergence of the Qi standard and its recent rise in popularity, it is safe to assume that it has become the gold standard in terms of wireless charger solutions. The good thing about it is that it is not only designed for phones. It can also charge other electronics and devices, such as the ones you use at home.

What are the Effects of Electrical Devices with Built-in Qi Function to the Human Body?

Undeniably, wireless charging using the Qi standard is one of the most useful inventions ever created. It offers convenience, especially during this more technologically-advanced and digital age.

However, you will notice varying opinions of experts on whether or not the built-in qi function and the possible electromagnetic radiation that wireless charging emits is harmless. Some experts say it is safe and harmless while others say that it can negatively affect the body.

Does Qi Wireless Charging Harm the Human Body?

Theoretically, the technology designed for wireless charging does not harm human safety. Note that the principle of resonance used by wireless charging is referred to as magnetic resonance. It involves only the transmission between coils using resonance at similar frequencies. Other devices, on the other hand, are incapable of accepting the waveband. Moreover, wireless charging using a magnetic field is guaranteed not to harm the human body.

Is Electromagnetic Radiation Harmful to Health?

What can affect the health of humans is electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It is important to note that electrical activity tends to flow through your body. This activity contributes a lot to your performing functions, like movement, thought, metabolism, and growth. Excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation can disrupt such flow as well as the functions of your organs, particularly your brain.

If you are not careful with your exposure to EMR, then you will also be at risk of developing some health issues, like depression, shortened attention span, and insomnia. It might happen while you continue to expose your brain to the potential damages caused by toxic substances.

Furthermore, being constantly exposed to non-ionizing radiation results in fatigue, skin conditions, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, allergies, and headaches, among many others. With that said, you have to be extra cautious when using devices and ensure that you get to limit your exposure to EMR.

Does Qi Standard Releases Electromagnetic Radiation?

The good thing about the Qi standard wireless charging technology is that it only emits a significantly small amount of electromagnetic radiation. Qi used the principle applied to electronic toothbrushes that have no adverse and negative effects on the health of humans.

The Qi technology can also be considered as low-range, which is the reason why it has severe limitations on the EMR it emits. With that said, it is safe to assume that using Qi wireless charging is generally harmless to the human body.

One thing to take note of, though, is that electromagnetic radiation exists but only in the nearby areas of the station where the wireless charging takes place. This radiation will also most likely be emitted when you put a device on the station. It is possible to reduce the amount of emitted or released EMR by adding a shield to the Qi’s receiving and sending coils.

What are the effects and the original meaning of natural energy “Qi”?

Qi is all about natural healing. Translated as life force energy, Qi forms a huge part of traditional Chinese medicine. Based on the natural energy Qi, all energies come with their own sounds, colors, frequencies, and vibrations. The disharmony, imbalance, and distortion of the energy frequency inside your human cells can make your body unwell. It can lead to a lot of issues, particularly on your health.

What are the positive effects of maintaining the harmony of natural energy Qi?

Here are just some of them:

Improves the quality of your sleep

One positive effect of a well-balanced qi is a better quality of sleep. Note that if your natural energy is properly balanced, then you can easily deal with your thoughts. You will also feel harmony, thereby preventing you from worrying too much and thinking of a lot of problems before you fall asleep. Aside from that, it can lower your stress level, which can further result in better sleep.

Improves the flow of energy all throughout your body

This positive effect will most likely occur once you try one of the most common ways to tap into your natural energy Qi, which is acupuncture. By putting needles across specific body points, you can break up any blockage to ensure that your Qi energy flows naturally. If you get that result, then you can also relieve yourself from stress as well as different forms of pain.

Better muscle control and posture

The proper control and restoration of your Qi energy can also bring balance and restoration that can boost your muscle control and improve your posture. This will most likely happen if you integrate moving meditation, which combines a set of exercises that mainly focus on posture and breathing, into your therapy. Here, you will most likely be doing deliberate and graceful steps that can strengthen your arms, back, glutes, legs, and core. The result is better circulation and the removal of blockages.

Maintains the proper balance of your body and mind

You also have to cultivate your natural Qi energy, instead of letting your body absorb negative energies. By doing that, you can maintain the proper balance of both your body and mind. It is also a big help in understanding how you can empty your thoughts. It lets you relax and improve your awareness not only of your Qi energy but also of your entire body.


Maintaining the balance of your Qi energy is indeed the key to improving your health and overall wellness. You will surely thank yourself upon seeing the positive effects of balancing and cultivating your Qi, especially as far as increasing your vitality and energy and balancing your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing are concerned. Furthermore, it can improve the quality of your life, particularly as you age, which is a good thing if you want to cultivate a positive attitude and a peaceful mind.

To answer the initial question of the article, it is questionable to use a traditional expression for natural energy and healing to describe a technical patent of wireless charging. Without thinking about the original meaning, it might make sense because if your technical equipment loads wirelessly it can be a different “life energy” or “technical life energy”. But as long as the wireless charging process does not benefit humans physically or mentally, as the natural energy Qi does, the expression is at least misleading.

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