Qi is a term from Asian health teachings and martial arts and can have different meanings. The essential meanings for «qiii.media», which have been an inspiration for the foundation of this online magazine, are «vital energy» and «life force». The qi of the sun helps plants and animals to evolve, and your inner qi is the motor of your spiritual and physical activities, e.g. the activities of your organs and your brain. Without qi, there is no life energy and therefore no life. In order to lead a good life, your qi needs to be in balance.

The teaching of Qi is found in early teachings of Daoism. Qi is a constant from which the world was born. Yin and Yang were still mixed in it. Through the separation of the One, heaven and earth were created. According to Daoist philosophy, the search for immortality is a major theme. Besides the teaching of Qi, various Mind-Body techniques can also be derived from Daoist philosophy. These techniques include breath control, meditation, visualization, Taijiquan and Qigong. These techniques have always been meant to help achieve immortality.

There are more methods and treatments from all over the world which can help you to restore or optimize your life energy qi. Browse through our magazine to discover ancient wisdom and modern knowledge to create a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

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