What does Qiii mean?

The name of the company “Qiii Media” came from the Chinese word “qi”, which, in traditional Chinese medicine, means the life force that flows through every living being. People, animals, and even plants have some sort of qi in them. If one wants to attain good health, then there should be nothing in the body that impedes the flow of qi.

About Qiii Media

Everyone dreams of living a life that does not include the hassles of stress, illnesses, and other unwanted effects of dealing with situations wherein you feel like life decides to throw you a curveball. What is the point of hustling if it all goes to waste when you get horribly sick? What if there was a way that you can live your life without having to worry about your overall health?

Well, there is a place where you can get all the things that you need to know about living a healthier and more fulfilling life – and that is Qiii Media. This company is the brainchild of Jens Baltrusch, a renowned sports scientist, health coach, and professional digital marketer. His philosophy is that holistic training can bring about true complete health and well-being. He also shares his knowledge through Qiii Media.

Qiii Media Is Here to Help

Qiii Media is here for people who are looking for solutions regarding their overall fitness and well-being. If you have a problem reaching your fitness goals, Qiii Media can provide you with helpful information and motivational anecdotes that will let you reach your target.

Jens’ approach to fitness is holistic. This means that you will not only be getting a stronger body but you will also be strengthening your mind and spirit. Aside from being more resistant to physical ailments, you will also be more resilient to stress and the issues that come with it.

What is Qiii Media?

The three i’s in the company trademark qiiiTM represent nutrition, movement, and meditation – the tenets of a holistic lifestyle. Unlike other fitness companies that will tell you all the things that you would like to hear just to get hold of your money, Qiii genuinely aims to alter your life for the better.

Jens Baltrusch’s dream is to make holistic fitness accessible to all and his beliefs extend to the rest of the company. Qiii Media offers, among many others, the following services:

Online Magazine

Qiii Media publishes articles, social media content, newsletters, ebooks and other creative work to promote a healthy lifestyle

Fitness workshops

Companies who would like to increase employee efficiency and well-being can avail of Qiii Media’s comprehensive workshops.

Project management

Qiii Media can also help with projects that involve physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. If an endeavor falls in line with the company’s philosophies, the team behind this company will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.


You can learn a lot from Qiii Media Magazine online. Our publication covers variety of which includes; healthy nutrition, Yoga, workouts and meditation.

If you want to learn more about Qiii Media, then navigate to the main page to find other ways where it can help you. Here you get directly to the company page of Qiii Media.

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