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Qiii Media – what is it all about? There’s nothing more amazing than living a healthy life devoid of ailments, frustrations and life’s failure. Or what’s the essence of life’s hustle and bustle, only to fall sick and die at that crucial point when one is supposed to be enjoying and touring the world in sound health? Absolutely none!

Thus, the need to impart the consciousness of healthy living through healthy dieting, healthy exercising and the adoption of healthy life styles into people has informed the creation of our amazing company – the Qiii Media.

The Qiii Media company is the brain child of Jen Baltrusch, a formidable health coach, exquisite sport scientist and professional digital marketer.

What’s does Qiii Media represent?

We are not another mediocre company mouthing all over about the importance of healthy living just to lure people to cough up their hard-earned money – No! not at all. In a nutshell, the following depict what we represent to the world:

We represent value

For us, it’s about value orientation; it’s about enabling people to believe in the philosophy of holistic living. Briefly, this philosophy is a multidimensional mechanism that entails conscious systematic training targeted towards your overall health and mental wellbeing. It is holistic in that it takes every aspect of your wellbeing viz exercises, nutrition, and lifestyle into consideration.

We champion the most noble cause

What other cause is nobler than one which takes utmost cognizance of your health, spiritual and mental wellbeing? There is none!

Even the English man says “health is wealth” to further emphasize the import of one’s healthiness as foremost and crucial.

This is why we chose the word Qiii with the three “iii” which is a symbolism for meditation, nutrition and movement. Our sole intent is to augment the quality of your life.

What we do?

At Qiii media, we offer the following services

Personal training

If you desire to get one-on-one training on any aspect of your healthy, mental and spiritual wellbeing, we are more than enthused to give you the best. We possess the requisite skills, knowledge, hands and equipment to satisfy your fitness or dieting needs. 

Fitness workshops

You can also call on us for to train larger groups in your company or anchor seminars that bother on attaining fitness goals and healthy living.

Project management

For projects that are woven around mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, contact us to help you with them. Whatever fitness goals you have, we are sure to help you realise them in the short run.


You can learn a lot from Qiii media magazine online. Our publication covers variety of which includes; healthy nutrition, Yoga, workouts, meditation and dieting.

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