The brand Qiii™, and as well the online magazine Qiii Media, are named after the Chinese concept of ‘qi’, the vital energy that animates all living things. Qi is present in humans, animals and plants alike. To be healthy, you need to have a smooth and balanced circulation of qi in your body, in all animals and also in the environment. All is one, all is powered by qi, the battery of all living things.

The brand Qiii™

Qiii™ is a brand that stands for the three pillars of holistic living: nutrition, exercise and meditation. Qiii™ is the core of the online magazine Qiii Media, which really wants to help you improve your life.

Qiii Media provides various services such as:

Qiii Media’s goal is to deliver content in an entertaining way that enables you to live healthier, fitter and more sustainable.

  • Online Magazine: Qiii Media creates and shares content on different platforms to inspire you to live healthily. You can read our publications on topics such as healthy lifestyle, physical health, mental health, nutrition, yoga, workouts and meditation
  • E-learning: Qiii Media offers E-Learning Programms on topics related to physical and mental health, fitness, nutrition, yoga and the environment.

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