Sixpack abs

Sixpack abs is the training goal of many who start a training program. But is it a realistical goal for anyone to achieve?

The genetics

All people are built in a different way by nature – people differ through body and metabolism. There is not the “typical sixpack”, because the appearance of well trained abdominal muscles varies. Just compare the pictures of athletes or fitness models, their abs are all different!

Apart from this, it is possible to train your abdominal muscles for great appearance – depending on your will power and ability to drop your body fat percentage (with about 10 % body fat you would for sure look great).

How fast and how much you will be able to drop your body fat is depending on your individual metabolism. But in general you can say that nearly everything is possible with a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and sufficient training!

The lifestyle

You need to change your lifestyle to train your abs to top shape and make it visible. The hardest part is not shocking the body with a crash diet and a power training program to achieve a good shape. It is much harder to keep in long-term without harming your body.

Mental attitude

The solution is a balanced lifestyle, which starts in your mind. First of all you have to work on your own attitude to be ready for a long-term change in your life. Working with a mental trainer can be helpful at this point. Mostly two of the main aspects to put your attitude in place are:

Fixing goals and rewards

In human life nothing works without goals. You have to set motivating but realistic goals for yourself and also a highly relevant reward for your achievement. That will release new energy in your life!


You have to picture in mind what you want to reach. Work on your mental pictures of your goals on a daily basis. Imprint in your mind positive pictures of your goal and be engaged in serious soul-searching. Which emotions do you have when you think of achieving your goal. Describe it in a vivid and colorful way, and your goal will be fascinating to you!


Do you move on a regular basis? Without regular movement your body does not stay healthy. Apart from that it is much easier to reduce weight if your metabolism gets a kick. The most important function of movement is the training of your heart circulation, metabolism, muscle-nerve-system, the intrinsic muscles and joint stabilization. The beauty of your appearance, of course, is a nice side product of a moving life!


Nutrition is the most important part of your wellbeing, your mental and physical health as well as your metabolism and body fat percentage. That is, for most people, the hardest part of the game. A change in nutrition means, in most cases, abdication of some food types and a change of habits in private as well as in social life. It is more easy to start a sportive training three times a week than to abdicate some food types which you love on a daily basis.


This is where your goal comes into play: it must have a meaning to you to reach your goal. Otherwise the next chocolate-cookie, which comes close to you, will mean more to you than your sixpack!

You can achieve anything with the right attitude! You can achieve a great shape, but when you start with a program, bring the changes to your consciousness which will inevitably follow. Go for it – you have got the power for it!

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