Spa 2021? Maybe not everyone loves spas or relaxing at all for that matter. As far as the world is moving forward with amazing speed resulting in exciting lifestyles, all we know is work, work, work. Being productive has always been the “ultimate”-not to say the only way of living, but this year made us slow down and reevaluate our habits. It’s the time to do things differently, more calmly, and here’s a list full of new options you can choose you won’t be able to resist!

According to, the top 5 spa trends are as exotic as effective:

Forest Bathing

Originally from Japan, is focused on mindfulness relaxation. Submerging into the wilderness to regain and purify the energy.

Crystal Healing Therapies uses gemstones to balance the chakras, quartz to boost immunity and enhance circulation. It’s all about holistic health.

Digital detox

An amazing scape to the woods so you can reconnect through electromagnetic shielding by walking barefoot, without any cellphones or technology of course.

Goat yoga

Yes, goats. Is about a regular yoga class, but goats walk around you so you can pet them since petting therapy is proven to have a great effect on relaxing and alleviation of stress.


This activity includes a fast but effective kind of -extremely- cold bath (-110 Celsius) that helps reducing pains, inflammations, and even depression.

The other great spa trends you can search by name are the following:

  •  Halotherapy
  • Virtual Reality
  • CBD
  • Airport Spas
  • Soy Candle Massage

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