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Category: Spa

Spa. Your oasis. Relax, meditate and philosophize. Here is the place where you want to be. It ripples, it smells. No telephone, no voice, no noise disturbs you here. You have chosen a spa where you can relax. You are looking for inspiration on the topic? You’re right here.

FAQ: Spa

What happens in case I have allergies, physical ailment or disability?

Spa treatments are always possible and help you to relax in every situation. Many treatments and therapies even help you to improve your health and body awareness. Just make sure you let the spa receptionist know in good time about any allergies, discomforts or disabilities when making your appointment. It will help the therapist adjust a spa treatment for you.

Should one avoid spa when pregnant?

If you are pregnant, it is advisable that you consult your doctor who recommends the appropriate, safe and best spa treatment method. In general, it is advisable that every pregnant mother avoid spa treatments that use heat and pressure. For example, a warm detox pack is not recommended for pregnant women.

Are there any etiquette rules in spas?

In a spa people want to enjoy peace and mindfulness. Always think about the others. Charity is a reality lived in the spa. Make sure you do not fall out of line and inform yourself about local customs.

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