Aside from giving you the ultimate means of rejuvenation and relaxation, sauna sessions can also provide you with a lot of other health benefits. Do you know that it can also support your journey towards losing weight? While you can’t expect it to work alone when it comes to giving you the kind of body you have been longing to have, combining it with other safe methods of losing weight will definitely provide you with your desired results.

For instance, you can add regular sauna sessions to your usual healthy routines that aid in weight loss, such as sticking to a healthy diet, exercising, getting adequate sleep, lowering your stress level, and drinking enough water. All these things combined can be expected to work together so you can lose weight healthily and safely.

Here are some of the aspects that a regular sauna session can influence to help you lose weight.

Reduces water weight

One of the things that a sauna can do for you that can support weight loss is it can reduce water weight. Each session exposes you to intense heat, which will surely make you sweat. This is a good thing in losing the excess water that your body stores. It is even possible for you to remove up to 5 lbs. water weight in just one sauna session.

Note, though, that once you rehydrate, it is still possible for some of this weight to return. Despite that, it is still an effective and quick means of shedding some pounds. For example, you can enjoy a sauna session or two if you intend to lose some pounds for an occasion or any other event. It can result in a rapid trim down.

Supports detoxification

The fact that a sauna session will help you sweat out is also a good thing as it allows you to experience complete detoxification. Sweating aids in flushing out the impurities and toxins found in your body. It also flushes out and gets rid of heavy metals, including nickel, zinc, lead, mercury, and copper that your body may have absorbed because of the environment and the foods you eat.

It is, therefore, a great way to detoxify your body, thereby clearing out your lymphatic system. This can further improve your body’s ability to burn more fats while supplying you with more than enough energy that you can use to become more physically active.

Lowers your stress level

It is not also a secret that a sauna session is very relaxing. It can keep your stress level low, which is a good thing if you want to prevent high levels of stress from causing you to gain weight unnecessarily. Note that stress is one of the major causes of weight gain as it may cause you to develop unhealthy eating habits plus it can increase cortisol production, which may lead to you craving more calories.

A sauna session is very relaxing. It allows you to reach a meditative state, which is good for stress reduction and the constant release of happy hormones known as endorphins. Your low-stress levels can also make you happier, which will lessen your risk of overeating and encourage you to take part in healthy undertakings.

Boosts your metabolism

As you get exposed to intense heat from the sauna, there is a high chance for your body to work even harder, which will also increase your heart rate. This will further result in improved metabolism, which is good for enhancing your body’s calorie-burning capacity. Your exposure to heat during a sauna session can raise your metabolism by up to 20 percent. You can expect this effect to last during the entire sauna session and a few hours after it.


A regular sauna session can indeed help support your journey toward losing weight. Just make sure that you remain hydrated because you will be sweating excessively. Ensure that you also pair up your regular sauna sessions with healthy habits, so you can maximize its weight loss effects.