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What is a Spa Resort and What Should It Offer?

If you are interested in getting spa treatments, then going to a spa resort should be one of the most worthwhile experiences you ought to try at least once. A spa resort actually refers to an amenity provided in a specific setting, which also provides other facilities and activities, like kid’s clubs, golf, gyms, swimming, and tennis.

In most cases, visiting a spa resort will require you to pay for things separately. This means you will have to settle the payments for meals, exercise classes, accommodations, and spa treatments one by one. There are instances when all these things are complimentary, though.

It also tends to have more limited services compared to destination spas as the spa resort may or may not provide some classes, such as yoga. Despite that, most of those who visit these establishments were satisfied in the end because of their relaxing experience.

Here are just some of the services offered by a spa resort:

Facial Treatments

Among the services you will most likely be able to avail in a spa resort are facial treatments. They refer to skincare treatments encompassing the use of steam, mask, moisturizer, exfoliation, and peels. The fact that these treatments focus on your face makes them more relaxing.

The good thing about undergoing facial treatments is that it can make your skin look young and glowing. It is because of the ability of most of these treatments to get rid of dull and dry cells from the surface of your skin. Moreover, facial treatments involve massaging muscles in the area to boost circulation. It can also help get rid of clogged pores.

The result of these facials offered by spa resorts is a well-hydrated skin, which is brought on by a new and fresh skin layer. You can also take advantage of some facial treatments that target unique problem areas, including dark circles and puffiness. Other treatments fight the signs of aging through the application of collagen, which can tighten skin and lessen wrinkles.

Body Treatments

You will also enjoy the body treatments offered in a lot of spa resorts. One relaxing body treatment you can try is aquatherapy, which requires you to soak your body in aqua-jet tubs containing aromatherapy oils, exfoliators, and moisturizers. Through aquatherapy, you can boost your circulation, exfoliate your skin, and hydrate it.

You may also want to take advantage of body polishes that involve scrubbing your body to smooth out your skin by getting rid of dead skin cells. Most body polishes use moisturizers that come in the form of creams. These products will be massaged to your skin to hydrate it.


You can also further level up your experience when visiting a spa resort by getting a massage. It is a popular spa treatment that is available in various styles – the most common of which is Swedish. In a Swedish massage, expect the therapist to make use of an oil to promote ease in massaging various body parts through smooth and long strokes. One advantage of this massage is that it can ease muscle tension and relieve lower back pain.

There is also what we call as deep tissue massage, which utilizes similar techniques and movements as the Swedish style but comes with more intense pressure. This results in the immediate relief of muscle knots and tension. Other types of relaxing massage that can make your stay in a spa resort more unforgettable and worthwhile are hot stone and reflexology massages.


A lot of resorts now offer spa services and treatments to make their guests feel more relaxed. If you are interested in visiting one, then conduct comprehensive research first. Your goal is to find a spa resort with the most extensive services, so you can take advantage of the ones you truly need.

Spa Resort FAQ

Interested to visit any of the famous spa resorts? Then you have to be fully prepared before your actual visit. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about spa resorts and their answers, so you can learn most of the things you have to know before you visit one.

What to expect from a classic spa resort?

If you are still unfamiliar with spa resorts, then take note that a classic one can be described as a separate facility in a setting, which offers other amenities, activities, and services. Among the facilities present in spa resorts are gyms, swimming pools, golf courses, kid’s clubs, and tennis courts. There are even those that offer exercise classes.

Because spa resorts have different facilities, amenities, and services, you have to pay for the ones you are availing separately. This means separate payments for your spa treatments, meals, and accommodations. If you are already sure what you are planning to avail before your visit, then you may want to check out for packages that cover everything you need, so you can save a bit.

What makes spa resorts different from destination spas?

One unique thing about the spa treatments offered in spa resorts is that you will have to pay for the a la carte in most cases. It is different from other spa settings, like destination spas, where you can get various treatments in one package. Some spa resorts also offer certain classes, such as yoga, while others don’t.

With that, it is safe to say that these settings have more limited services compared to destination spas. Also, the fact that most destination spas offer an extensive wellness experience where healthy cuisine, lectures, classes, personal enrichment activities, spa treatments, hikes, and accommodations are included in the usual daily rate makes it different from spa resorts that require separate fees for almost everything.

What are the other activities offered in spa resorts?

Apart from the usual relaxing spa treatments, you can also enjoy different activities in spa resorts. Among these are golf, tennis, skiing, horseback riding, swimming, and water sports. You can also take advantage of the kid’s camps offered in some large spa resorts.

Who can benefit from spa resorts the most?

There are specific groups of people who can greatly benefit from visiting a spa resort – among them are those who have different interests. For instance, one of those part of the group wants to golf while the others want to enjoy spa treatments. A spa resort also seems to be a good choice for you if you plan to drink and eat anything you want,  you are on a business trip and plans to get a relaxing massage, or you have kids.

What should I wear when taking a spa treatment?

Most spa resorts provide a robe and a pair of slippers for the convenience of their guests. You will have to wear the robe after showering in the facility and before you receive your treatment. You will have to disrobe during the time when you get your spa service.

Rest assured that all therapists in spa resorts are well-trained regarding correct draping techniques to make guests more comfortable. Some resorts even allow their guests to wear their undergarments or bathing suit during the actual treatment. Just make sure to take off all your jewelry and accessories.

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