The ultimate form of relaxation nowadays is to spend at least a day in a spa resort. It is what you need to quiet and calm your mind and take yourself out from the normal stresses you deal with every day. It can rejuvenate you and give you the chance to heal naturally. Your entire experience will also become even more unforgettable if you decide to stay in a green or eco-friendly spa resort.

What is a Green Spa?

A green spa refers to a spa facility, which operates in a hotel or resort or meant for day use, and focuses more on running its daily operations following environmentally friendly and green practices. It focuses on things, like preferring to use organic and natural ingredients over synthetic ones when making treatments.

Everything that you see in a green spa resort is also constructed from natural and organic materials, like the apparel and the textiles in linens. Moreover, it utilizes alternative power and energy while also contributing to the recycling and conservation of water, textiles, and goods. Most green spa resorts also have the goal of contributing to the significant reduction of light, sensory, and noise pollution.

What to Expect from a Green Spa Resort?

Deciding to stay in a green spa resort can give you the most unique and unforgettable spa experience. Here are just a few of the numerous things and offerings that you can enjoy in a green spa resort:

Eco-friendly lighting

One major contribution of green spa resorts when it comes to saving the planet is the use of green or eco-friendly spa lighting. They do so by integrating more natural light into the establishment with the help of lightweight drapes and curtains. Some also use Venetian blinds as a means of letting more natural light in.

Some spa resorts also install energy-saving LED lighting. The bulbs are more expensive than the usual light bulbs but the fact that they are capable of lasting around fifty times longer compared to incandescent means that their energy efficiency is higher.

Most of these green spa resorts also make use of dimmer switches. Note that low-level artificial lights are capable of producing similar effects to nighttime darkness, the time when your body has the highest amount of melatonin hormones.

A low level of indoor light is beneficial as it can help in creating the perfect environment for anyone who wishes to enjoy a relaxing massage.

Skin-friendly skincare products and linens

The skincare products and linens used by these green spa resorts are all safe for your skin as well as the local environment. The fact that all of them are organic and natural even means that they are good for customers who have sensitive skin.

Expect the linens used in these resorts to be made of sustainable fibers such as bamboo and organic cotton. The body care and skincare products are also organic. Even the pair of sandals you can wear in these resorts are all-natural – most of which are made of bamboo. The reason is that bamboo is a quick-growing plant, so it is a sustainable choice for spa owners when it comes to making footwear and linens.

Non-electric sanitizing solutions

This means they do not use sanitizing solutions that are quite hard for the environment and consume electricity, like salt-based chlorine generators, ozonators, and bromine generators. They use eco-friendly sanitizer alternatives known to have the least environmental impact. You will also notice that they use only non-toxic paints and cleansers.

Aside from that, everything that you will experience in the resort will be for the good of the environment. You will experience soothing massages, exquisite beauty treatments, and therapies that promote health and wellness without harming the environment.