We all need a break and want our body and mind to be well. Every area of our lives benefits from it. People are learning that working to exhaustion just doesn’t work and is harmful. Time to change that thinking!

To that end, we’ve compiled a top wellness and spa trends. Focus more on your inner life, how you’re doing and how you really feel. This will help you bring your life more into alignment.

Guided meditation

It is a wonderful option for these new times since guided meditation can be done virtually and present. Breathing exercises and mindfulness are key to feel better and free ourselves from many complications that look bigger than they actually are. It’s not about silencing your mind, is about get inside it and learn how to live with your thoughts and make them better little by little.

Ritual Healing

Spas are taking an extra step when it comes to wellbeing, and for this, they have gone beyond the idea of just massages, and now focus their treatments on an entire healing experience for their clients. Including the mind and feelings is a big step into achieving real relaxation and health.

‘Staycation’ Wellness Boom

A lot of countries are not going to be able to open their flights soon, but vacations can still be great ones if you’re interested in doing some local tourism. This will be a trend because of the obvious reasons, and a lot of your favorite places are going to be available for you to spend some days making the best out of the new sanitary aspects of vacationing.

Immunity booster retreats

The immune system is the main subject these times, and of course, spas are going to offer the best they have for you to feel secure and reenergized. There are vast options to offer our bodies the health it deserves, and this includes good food, exercises focus on our bodies specifically, personal treatments and sunnier climates are just in the top of the list.

Working remotely on Holidays

Home office is well into our lives now, and we better embrace it. There is a new outlook on working on holidays since it’s better to do it on a beautiful island than from home, so don’t be afraid of taking your computer to your vacation. The moderate use of this method is proven to be really efficient and has wonderful results. Look for a place you like and go there to work. You will thank us later.

Cannabis-infused facials and massages

from CBD oil to lotions, live rosin, and more, this trend promises to be incredible. We all have been waiting for the benefits of cannabis to be legal and now appears to be the time. Massages and treatments with cannabis serve incredible on your skin, relieve chronic pain and inflammation, and deliver a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Sleep massages

If this isn’t a dream come true, we don’t know what is, because massages and sleeping, together, sound like an oasis and we’re ready for it to be more popular. Spas have created specialized sleep massages to help clients recover from insomnia naturally and avoid using pills. The magic happens with sleep-inducing oils and essences that promote relaxation and restore harmony in the body and brain.

Extreme temperatures

It will be another spa trend promising great results. Exposing the body to hot and cold temperatures will increase muscle tone, firm up the skin, and facilitate blood circulation. But be aware, these are not just warm or cool degrees, they mean really high and really cold.

Wellness music and sound experiences

It is now proven that music has more to do with health than we thought. It’s not only about a boost of energy or mood, but a huge help on mental conditions like PTSD, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Loud environments have been linked to rises in heart disease, obesity, low birth weight, and cognitive impairment in children, so spas are taking care of this with real seriousness. They include special melodies in meditations and treatment sessions, to avoid these symptoms increasing.  

Hibernation Holidays

This is like an all private vacation for people. It is said that destinations with lower Covid-19 risk and Covid-safe certified wellness resorts are going to be the most popular to visit, and they will offer a new view on the horizon of sanitary restrictions and, after a year in isolation, people will be happy to go to a controlled place, COVID free and close to crowdedness.

Forest Bathing

Originally from Japan, is focused on mindfulness relaxation. Submerging into the wilderness to regain and purify the energy.

Crystal Healing

These therapies use gemstones to balance the chakras, quartz to boost immunity and enhance circulation. It’s all about holistic health.

Digital detox

An amazing scape to the woods so you can reconnect through electromagnetic shielding by walking barefoot, without any cellphones or technology of course.

Goat yoga

Yes, goats. Is about a regular yoga class, but goats walk around you so you can pet them since petting therapy is proven to have a great effect on relaxing and alleviation of stress.


This activity includes a fast but effective kind of -extremely- cold bath (-110 Celsius) that helps reducing pains, inflammations, and even depression.

  •  Halotherapy
  • Virtual Reality
  • CBD
  • Airport Spas
  • Soy Candle Massage


Once again, the world leaves us with interesting changes and decisions. That’s a good thing, because we’ve already experienced a lot. Look forward to the trends you can do at home: Music, yoga, meditation. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the Covid years, it’s to make the most of what we have. We need to be creative and patient with our bodies. So take relaxation and self-care seriously.