Does sprouting make the difference? Germinate or not germinate? The question is where the difference lies, because even the ungerminated grain is a true miracle of nature. Cereal consists of about 85% nutrients and is a true powerhouse for your health due to its nutrient density and diversity. Protein, minerals and vitamins in abundance – can this be topped?

What happens during the germination process of cereals?

All cereals, such as spelled, oats, rye and wheat, germinate and grow sprouts. The germination process increases the mineral and vitamin content enormously. The content of B-vitamins increases during the spraying between 200-600% and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc are often newly formed.

Many cereals contain sprouted oats, wheat and rye and thus provide several benefits for your daily diet. Oat sprouts also provide folic acid, which helps to lower high cholesterol. Wheat germs are true vitamin and mineral bombs, because when germinated, the content of B vitamins increases sixfold and that of vitamin E threefold. Rye seedlings contain a lot of rutin, which is among other things strengthens our blood vessels.
Sprouted grain thus surpasses its original seeds with the content of biological agents. It is more digestible and basic, which helps maintain a healthy acid-base balance.

You can enrich your diet in a variety of ways with products made from germinated grain. It gets even better, because it not only tastes extremely good in its original form. Other culinary delights can be conjured out of it. Delicious creams and dips turn every snack into a taste experience. Other foods, such as soups, can be enriched and varied with mixed grains. The result is fresh and wholesome meals with all the variety of antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and vitamins that nature has to offer – pure power for an active everyday life.

Why don`t you germinate sprouts by yourself?

With the benefits of germinated cereals and sprouts you are familiar already. Why don`t you try germinating by yourself at home? It’s easy with germination seeds and germination glasses. It takes only a few days after you have put the sprouts in water to enjoy the full flavor and power of the freshly germinated sprouts. Complete for example a crisp salad with this vitamin, mineral and enzyme-rich ingredient.

The advantages of sprout germination at a glance:

  • Sprouts germinate in every season
  • Germination is very easy
  • After a few days, you can harvest your fresh sprouts yourself
  • The germinated sprouts are high in fiber and high in volume, promoting faster satiety and healthy weight
  • Different sprouts offer flavors for their healthy dishes

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