Top 6 Strength Training Exercises

Strength training does not just consist of the basic leg extensions or even bicep curls. If you perform these exercises and tag them as strength training, you have a long way to go. There are varieties of strength training exercises which would give you a superb advantage over others and even better results. Here are six strength training exercises that should be included in your regular workout routine.

Goblet Squats

This is one of the best exercises for strength training. This exercise is so underrated for the amazing results it gives. This type of squat is performed by holding on to a weight placed at your front. This enables you to get the correct stance for a squat while strengthening your legs and even your core.

Pallof Press

This is an anti-rotation movement. It is quite challenging to perform because it aims to resist rotation, thereby forcing areas like your abs, glutes, obliques, and even your lower back to perform the work. This exercise is superb when it comes to developing your strength and stamina. It is a must-add to your workout routine.

Dumbbell Row

Another well-known strength training exercise is the dumbbell row. This exercise aids immensely in developing a strong core, back, and even arms. It also works on your rhomboids, lats, and even traps. This is one of the best exercises one can incorporate into your workout routine. It has lots of benefits, including stabilizing the spine.


One of the most known types of exercise is push-ups. However, most people do not identify it as a strength training exercise. This exercise aims at working your upper body muscles and also your core. It is a superb workout to try out because it allows you to use the full range motion in the shoulder blades.

Lateral Squats

Lateral squats are a mixture of a squat and lateral lunge. It aids in stretching your inner thighs and even the groins. While doing this, your thighs, core, and hips are targeted. It is one of the best strength training exercises to add to your workout routine.

Glute Bridges/Hip Thrusts

Known for growing the glute muscles, glute bridges/hip thrusts are superb strength training exercises one can perform easily. These exercises aid in properly training all parts of your glutes.


Strength training is an important aspect of workouts nowadays. To get the best out of your workout routines, specific exercises must be included, such as dumbbell row, push-ups, lateral squats, and many more aim to increase your strength and stamina more than outdated workout routines.

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