Are you planning to start your yoga practice soon? Then here are some suggestions for yoga clothes and equipment you should invest in. Good gear motivates you and makes it easier to stick with your practice.

Breathable and comfortable clothing

Choose breathable and comfortable clothing that allows you to focus more on your yoga practice instead of tugging at your waistband or sleeves.
Good options for the right clothing are leotards and leggings. These yoga clothes are often recommended so the teacher can easily see your pose and alignment. However, the general requirement for most yoga practices is tight but comfortable yoga pants. These garments should be comfortable enough to allow you to practice your flexibility properly.Tank tops are good for yoga practice as they are tight fitting and functional. Women should also look for a sturdy and comfortable sports bra.

Yoga mat

Even if you choose a yoga studio that provides everything you need, you should bring your own yoga mat for comfort and hygiene. If possible, you should invest in an eco-friendly yoga mat that is made from renewable and plant-based materials like jute and rubber. It’s also best to choose a latex and PVC-free mat.

The mat should also be the right length and thickness. It should be long enough for your feet and hands to be well positioned on it during certain poses, such as the downward dog. A thickness of half an inch is also recommended if you want to do disciplines like Power Yoga, Vinyasa or Ashtanga. This will prevent you from getting bruises while practicing.

As for the mat’s texture, comfort should come first. Make sure that the mat is non-slip. This way, you won’t have to worry about your feet and hands slipping during each pose.

Yoga block

To begin with, you will need a yoga block to increase your comfort and improve alignment during various exercises. The block is useful when doing standing poses for which you don’t yet have enough flexibility. Positions that require you to place your hands on the floor may initially present you with problems. The yoga block makes it easier for you to open up your chest and strengthen your core while preventing bad postures.

Yoga Strap

The yoga strap is also known as a belt and is especially useful when you need to do asanas that require you to hold your feet, but make them difficult to reach due to your mobility. The belt is also useful when you are doing poses where you want to grab both hands behind your back. With the strap, you can connect both hands without extra effort until you have enough flexibility.

Additional accessories

In addition to the equipment already mentioned, you should have the following with you during every training session:

  • Water bottle: This will keep you hydrated by having fresh water or lemon water with you at all times.
  • Yoga towel: even if you find yoga practice soothing, it is still a form of exercise. You’ll be sweating, so you need to have a towel with you at all times.
  • Hair bands or hair ties: use them to fix your hair before the yoga class. This will ensure that no strands fall in your face and eyes.
  • Yoga blanket: This accessory is not mandatory, but it is useful because it helps you relax, especially at the end of the yoga class.

If you follow the things mentioned in this article, you will improve the comfort and effect of every yoga class.

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