The Future of Spas – Does COVID Shake the Existence of Spas?

The threat of COVID-19 is still very much real and present today. As a result of it, numerous non-essential businesses were forced to close indefinitely. Some of these businesses include wellness facilities like spas. Is it still possible for the wellness industry to re-open? If these businesses have the chance to reopen in the future, what do you think will be different?

Minimalistic Design to Minimize Contact Surfaces

In case they open again while there is still a medical pandemic, it is highly likely that interactive décor will no longer be present in spas. In place for them is most likely a minimalist design.

Having a minimalist design means that there will be much fewer surfaces that the clientele can get in contact with. This can also lower the chance of potentially transmitting the COVID-19 among themselves.

Spas Operating at Half Capacity

It will be very likely that spas will have to operate at half capacity, maybe even less, to prevent too many people from crowding in one place. This will largely depend on the guidelines enforced in the locality. For instance, there should be no more than ten people inside a certain-sized room, including the staff.

No More Walk-ins

Because spas will be running at a limited capacity, it is likely that they will need to enforce a no walk-in customer rule. Clients are expected to book their spa treatments in advance as a means of limiting the number of people that enter and exit the premises.

Couples’ Massages Might be Out of the Question

If you and your significant other are planning a spa day together in the near future, it might be best to re-think your plans. There is a high chance that health guidelines will prohibit more than two people from staying inside a room the size of a massage parlor, and that number includes the masseuse.

Expect a Ton of Health and Safety Precautions

You may also need to do a few health and safety precautions before you can even get a spa treatment. First, you will be required to fill out a form for contact tracing purposes. Taking a disinfectant shower before you can proceed with your spa treatment may also be needed.

Unless a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus is discovered and people are immunized against the threat, expect that normal spa operations may not be set in place again. The good news is that spas will still be able to operate. They just need to make certain adjustments for the health and safety of their clientele and their employees.

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