Recovery is an essential part of your training. Your body needs time to adapt to your training program. In another article on Qiii Media you learned aspects which help your body to recover after a fitness workout. Optimally you also know the factors that can slow down your recovery. Here your find a brief overview.

Stress and depression

Exercise and sports help you to manage stress and address the symptoms of depressions. When you’re too stressed or even depressed it changes the way the body responds to methods of recovery. Studies revealed that clinical depression and stress prolongs the duration of recovery. Take time to unwind and relax because too much stress is not good for your overall health. Stay positive and you will be back to training in no time.

Fatigue and Overtraining

Just when you thought you’ve already recovered you rush full speed back into training. Fatigue and the overtraining syndrome can slow down and affect total recovery according to the sports medicine. Overtraining symptoms are caused by cumulative exhaustion even after momentary recovery. Performance and recovery will truly suffer with excessive training and inadequate rest periods.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol and exercise do not complement each other. Alcoholic beverages depress the nervous system and affect sports performance. It negatively influences coordination, reaction time, and duration of recovery. Studies show that drinking alcoholic beverage during the recovery period affects decision making, causes dehydration, and it even worsens soft tissue injury. Alcohol alters blood circulation which lengthens recovery time after the injury.


Smoking is not good for your recovery or overall health. The chemicals contained in cigarette smoke disrupt the distribution of oxygen and other nutrients to the injured area. Cigarette smoke is a source for more toxic substances in your body and it significantly slows down recovery.

Poor posture and body mechanics

While you are recovering from an injury, make sure that you keep a good posture. Poor posture and improper body mechanics add strain to the muscles and can delay the process of recovery due to the additional stress placed on the injured muscle and tissue.

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