Are you a yoga practitioner who also wants to take part in saving the environment? Then consider using eco-friendly yoga articles. Aside from being eco-friendly, the following items are worthwhile to have because they are functional, trendy, and look great:

Girlfriend Collective

The pants and tops from GC contain almost 100% recycled materials, like used plastic bottles, and discarded plastic fishing nets salvaged from the oceans. Wearing these items can, therefore, help save the environment.

OHMME – Vajra II Vest

Although there are many men’s activewear brands, only a few can say that they make eco-friendly yoga clothing using recycled and sustainable materials. OHMME is one of them. The vest is guaranteed to be constructed from recycled materials, assuring users of its eco-friendly nature.

Fishers Finery Women’s Yoga Pants

These pants contain 60% eco-fabric derived from bamboo and organic cotton – both of which are highly renewable. You will surely look and feel when wearing these yoga pants since you know that you are doing your part in helping the environment.

Teeki Clouds Yoga Hot Pant

If you are a fan of Bikram yoga, then you will need a pair of Teeki Clouds yoga pants. Teeki Clouds used synthetic fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, resulting in a stretchable, breathable, and moisture-wicking apparel.

Yoloha Yoga Mats

The unique thing about Yoloha yoga mats is that the cork bark is their main material. Cork is one of the best renewable resources as far as tree-based resources because they grow quite fast. You do not also have to cut down the tree. You just need to peel off the bark.

Hippie Pants Yoga Bottoms

If you are not into skin-tight yoga pants, you can try out these ones for size. The Hippie pants went through a sustainable production process so you will get great karma as well.


Aside from the fact that these pants are made of all-natural materials, 10% of the company’s net profits also go to the conservation efforts to help endangered sea turtles regain their numbers.

Ripple Yoga Wear

Not only does the company swear not to waste even 1% of their raw materials, but they also manufacture their products according to Fair Trade standards. Also, their clothes are quite cute.


The mentioned items are not only eco-friendly but are also very useful every time you practice yoga. Aside from that, they all look great, giving you the confidence to do various yoga poses while also feeling really good for contributing something to save the environment.

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