Do you want to start your journey towards becoming physically and mentally fit? Then create a workout plan composed of activities that can benefit both your body and mind. Among the best exercises guaranteed to keep your body and mind engaged are the following:

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises, like bicycling, swimming, and jogging, may not be among the first activities that will come to your mind if you want to relax. Note, though, that exercises that fall under aerobics are highly recommended because, in addition to making you fit physically, they are also good for your mental health.

The reason is that aerobic exercises can lower symptoms of depression and anxiety. The exercises here can keep your heart pumping while letting your endorphins flow, which is a major help in improving your mood and reducing stress.


Swimming is a fun and effective exercise for the body as it can significantly improve your cardiovascular health and fitness as well as your muscle tone without affecting your joints. If you want to maximize the ability of this exercise to burn fats, it is highly advisable to incorporate fast laps and intervals into your routines.

Swimming can also engage your mind as it focuses on your breathing while promoting rhythmic movements. It is hypnotic, which can contribute a lot to drowning your stressful thoughts. Exercising while in the water also leads to the feeling of vitality and restoration afterward.


Everyone who is into yoga will most likely agree that this activity can benefit both the body and mind. With its diverse set of poses and movements, you can expect yoga to help in strengthening and stretching your entire body. It would be best for you to perform yoga poses with more focus on stretching as those can boost your flexibility.
Yoga is also good for the mind in the sense that it involves slow, controlled, and calm movements. It acts as the ultimate exercise for both the body and mind that focuses on posture and breathing. It also holds meditative style qualities that contribute to better mental health.

Tai Chi

You may also want to give tai chi a try if you want to focus on engaging not only your body but also your mind. If you are still unfamiliar with tai chi, note that it refers to a type of martial arts that involves the execution of actions following slow motion. This means that it can gently work out your body using a complete range of motion. It is a beneficial exercise as it can help improve your strength, circulation, and flexibility.
The mind can also benefit from tai chi considering the fact that internally focuses on balance, deep breathing, movement control, and form. All these components make tai chi popular when it comes to calming and influencing the mind.


If you are one of those who want to target flexibility and core strength, Pilates is an effective exercise for both the body and mind that you can do to replace yoga. It makes use of controlled movements that mainly target the core composed of muscles in the lower back, hips, and abdomen.

Pilates is almost the same as yoga as it also focuses on improving your flexibility. Both activities focus on breathing while supporting better circulation. Note, though, that Pilates focuses more on building your physical strength while yoga is more on the mental and spiritual aspects of this body and mind exercise.

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