There are so many strength-training disciplines out there that choosing which one to follow can be quite hard. Here are some of the most popular types of strength training disciplines, including a brief introduction of each. Hopefully, you will find that one training discipline that you can use to reach your fitness goals.

Bodyweight Training

These are exercises that utilize the person’s weight to provide resistance. Because bodyweight training does not typically use any weights or machines, people would usually dismiss it as a viable means of building strength. However, that is not true at all, and you only need to look at Olympic gymnasts as proof.

Gym Weightlifting

This is the most popular type of strength training. This refers to strength training using weights and exercise machines that you would typically find in your local gyms. This type of training typically consists of the use of weight machines and free weights. You can start with the lighter weights and then progress into lifting the heavier stuff.


This is one of the most popular forms of strength training. Bodybuilders use muscle isolation exercises, and they do a high volume of them, to increase muscle mass and improve their body’s shape. You are not just building up your strength but also working on looking good.

Strongman Training

Strongman training focuses more on strength endurance rather than just brute strength. Also, you might not get quite as ripped as bodybuilders. However, you will be a whole lot stronger than they are because you focus on training your core. The biggest benefit of strongman training is that you are training to get functional strength. This means you can use that strength in the real world.


CrossFit uses lots of weights and reps. They also require you to do exercises that you have to complete in a short amount of time. This should help you get your body to burn as many calories as humanly possible. Because of the rapidness through which you will be doing each exercise, you will be developing a lot of explosive strength.

However, due to the rapid training sessions, you are also opening yourself up for injuries. It is best that you do CrossFit training with a trainer or at least ensure that there is someone to assist you should you make a mistake.


Mentioned are only a few of the strength-training disciplines that you can follow. You can choose to use more than one discipline to reach your fitness goals faster. You do need to be careful when doing any type of strength training, though, as the risk of getting injured is quite high.

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