How to motivate yourself? Find here some of the top motivational exercises

You can improve the quality of your life just by increasing your motivation. It is what will fuel you to do the things you have to do every day and reach for your goals. However, there are times when you notice your motivation dwindling.

You can prevent that from happening by learning a few exercises and activities that will surely ignite your passion to do things and fuel your motivation. Here are just five of the best motivational exercises you can do:

Physical Exercise

You need to do some physical exercises to boost your motivation. It is what you need to obtain a clearer psychological dimension. The good thing about exercise is that it can release endorphins and eliminate your mental and physical stress. It can increase your energy, concentration, and attention, which is great if you want to maintain your motivation.

Aside from that, it can also reinforce your mental toughness, thereby preventing you from losing your motivation because of just a minor setback. The good news is that even just a 30- to 60-minute exercise can already work wonders on your motivation. You can do yoga, weightlifting, brisk walking, running, or anything that can keep motivated.

Vision Board

You can also create a vision board by collecting quotes and pictures that represent your goals, workflow, result, or anything that you want to achieve in the future. You can also print off pictures and some texts then create a collage out of it.

Put the vision board at a spot that you can easily see, so you can always look at it every time you notice your motivation slipping away. It also helps to spend a few minutes looking at it every day, so you can start your day feeling really motivated.

Positive Affirmations

Saying some positive affirmations to yourself every day is also another great motivational exercise. Just write down a positive affirmation you want to tell yourself that is sure to raise your motivation. You can also memorize it and tell it to yourself in front of the mirror every morning or before you start your day.

The good thing about making a habit out of reciting affirmations is that it can release your negative emotions, including pain, fear, guilt, and anxiety. It can make you feel more optimistic, which is good for maintaining your motivation.

Deep Breathing

If you are working in an office, then you are probably aware of how it can make you feel stuffy sometimes, causing your mind to get stuffy, too. Practice deep breathing exercises every time you feel that way. It can prevent you from losing your motivation.

Also, make it a point to open some windows in your workspace or get out there to breathe fresh air. Note that a positive change in your workspace can work wonders in boosting your motivation.

Gratitude Journal

Another great motivational exercise is writing in a gratitude journal. Make it a habit to write things that you are thankful for in this journal every day. Write down even the smallest things and accomplishments. It can remind you of all the positive things that are happening in your life every day, thereby preventing you from losing your motivation.


You do not need to spend hours doing a particular thing just so you can give your motivation a good boost. By spending just a few minutes of your time every day doing the mentioned motivational exercises, you can raise your motivation and use it to achieve your life goals.

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