Hydrotherapy refers to a therapeutic whole body treatment, which requires you to move and exercise in the water. Hydrotherapy spas all over the world now offer hydrotherapy because of the way it reshapes, reprograms, and relaxes their guests. The hydrotherapy pools used in this treatment are not the same as ordinary pools.

The water movement, temperature, and pressure, for instance, are actually controlled in hydrotherapy pools and changed based on the person using it. Anyone who loves to relax by getting a spa treatment, especially when traveling different parts of the world should consider visiting spa centers offering hydrotherapy.

The following are just some of the most amazing hydrotherapy spas in the world that can offer a great hydrotherapy experience:

The Chedi

The Chedi is a spa nestled in a 5-star hotel, which sets a unique standard in terms of hospitality and design in the entire Switzerland. The luxurious hotel features several breathtaking suites and rooms as well as a world-class lounge and restaurant. It allows its guests to enjoy a world of fun, relaxation, and calmness through its integral spa that combines the distinct concept of being a luxurious hotel and a provider of hydrotherapy spa treatment. This showcases a nice mix of nature and tradition that can give guests the most perfectly rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

Gem Spa

Situated at the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun, the Gem Spa is worth visiting because it can provide the most amazing and unforgettable hydrotherapy spa experience. It is the home to the unique and relaxing 10-step spa program that mainly focuses on hydrotherapy. The program will provide you with a personal attendant who will let you embark each important step. The first step involves enjoying a nicely-tiled steam room then ends by letting you enjoy huge pools of sensation.

Lapis Spa at Fontainebleau

One of the most luxurious spa centers in America offering hydrotherapy treatment is the Lapis Spa at Fontainebleau. The goal of this spa center is to provide the most calming and rejuvenating experiences to its guests. It has an edge over the others because of its luxurious spa and hydrotherapy treatments, including the ocean-inspired wraps and amazing facials. Many also consider it unique because of the amenities that the guests can enjoy after the treatments, including the eucalyptus steam bath, mineral pool, and massage-jet shower.


This famous day spa in New York gained extreme popularity due to its wide range of hydrotherapy treatments, including the outdoor and indoor bade pools that also come with their own bar. One thing that makes Premier57 worth the visit is that its pools come with various jet stations, targeting certain body pressure points. It offers a hydrotherapy spa treatment that allows you to enjoy warm, cold, and hot baths through its nude water lounge.

You also get the chance to enjoy its rain showers and the dry and wet saunas. Phoenix57 also gives its guests the chance to enjoy the Sauna Valley, which provides a set of 6 healing saunas – one of which is the ice igloo room known for offering chronic pain relief and strengthening the immunity.


KurSpa is a hydrotherapy spa center, which deserves a spot in this list because of its breathtaking mountain and lake views. You can find this spa in British Columbia, specifically close to the Ellison Provincial Park. It features 7 saunas and steam room – one of which is the crystal room known for being the most distinctive out of all of them. It also boasts of its 4 showers with relaxing nature themes.

Another feature in the KurSpa that makes it worthwhile to visit regularly is the outdoor infinity pool, which is open the entire year. You can also enjoy its indoor saltwater pool that boasts of relaxing underwater music. In addition, you can step into its hot pool equipped with jets, as well as Kneipp hydrotherapy that you can adjust based on your preferred temperatures.

AYANA Resort and Spa

Are you planning to visit Bali anytime soon? Then do not forget to visit the AYANA Resort and Spa found there. The hydrotherapy spa in this establishment is actually referred to as thalassotherapy, which means that it makes use of seawater to provide a nice therapeutic experience to guests. One distinctive feature in this famous resort and spa in Bali is its aquatonic pool that operates using a max of 185,000,000 gallons of water.
It is also possible to take advantage of the spa’s twelve hydro-massage stations, geysers, and jet streams. Another thing that makes it genuinely unique is that it allows you to have a private bath while enjoying the breathtaking sceneries provided by the open ocean. All it takes is booking a pavilion at its spa.

AIRE Ancient Bath

Located in Barcelona, the AIRE Ancient Bath is known for providing a nice candlelit and calm bathhouse to its guests. It offers a program composed of 5 thermal baths – one of which is the flotarium, which refers to a saltwater pool mainly designed for floating. You can also take advantage of aromatherapy through its steam room. If you wish to make your experience even more relaxing then you can also enjoy a wine bath by having alcohol together with your hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy can surely make your whole travel experience unforgettable with its ability to give you the kind of relaxation and peace of mind you are hoping to receive. With that advantage, it would be best to plan your next spa destination or trip by setting aside enough time for a rejuvenating hydrotherapy session.

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