Environmental awareness is at an all-time high right now, and so are eco friendly fitness products. If you are someone who has a great concern about the environment, then you will be glad to know that there are various eco-friendly items that you can use every day.

You can even use some articles and clothing items designed for fitness that are all good for the environment. Some of the trendiest and most eco-friendly ones are the following:

Icebreaker Activewear Tops

These tops came from a company that hails from New Zealand, a country where sheep outnumber people 20 to 1. It is only fitting that they use Merino wool, which is very renewable, for producing their activewear tops. Unlike regular wool, which can get hot and itchy, Merino wool is light and wicks out sweat.

Ohoy Swim Swimwear

Ohoy Swim only uses 100% Econyl yarn for all their products. This fabric came from discarded nylon salvaged from the sea, like old fishing nets and other plastics. However, just because they use recycled waste plastic, that does not necessarily mean that their designs are bland. It is quite the opposite actually.

Wolven Threads Yoga Pants

Can sustainability be sexy? Yes, and Wolven Threads proved that it can. All their cute activewear came from recycled plastic bottles, but even so, they are still quite comfortable. They also come in many vibrant colors.

Yoloha Cork Yoga Mats

Set yourself apart from the other students in your class by using this trendy new cork-based yoga mat from Yoloha. These mats come in many vibrant designs. All of them are also eco-friendly and made using ethical methods only.

OHMME Vajra II Vest

This company specializes in men’s yoga apparel. Also, their apparel, especially the men’s yoga vest/tank top, only uses sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Moreover, these vests are so form-fitting and come in great colors. These qualities should be enough for you to love wearing them all the time if you can.

4-rth Men’s Yoga Pants

The yoga pants from 4-rth are not just very comfortable, but they also come in different colors aside from the usual grey and black. Also, the materials used for these pants come from sustainable birch trees. These pants are so stylish that you can also use them when you are out hitting the town.

Ripple Yoga Wear

The great thing about Ripple as a company is that they respect both their employees and the environment. They operate according to Fair Trade standards and they use 100% natural materials.

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Backpack

This backpack not only has more than enough room for your gym and work essentials but is also completely vegan and eco-friendly. Moreover, for every bag Kindfolk sells, they donate $1 to non-profit organizations that combat slavery and sex trafficking worldwide.

With these eco-friendly fitness articles, you will be able to enjoy your fitness journey using things that are not only useful and trendy for you but are also major contributors to saving the planet.

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