Top mobile apps against food waste

Do you feel guilty about throwing away food in the last few days? Not only are you symbolically throwing away your money, but you are also wasting food that other people could have used to satisfy their hunger. Help to reduce food waste!

To better understand and reduce this food waste, here are some handy apps you can use.

Too Good to Go

The Too Good to Go app contains a list of grocery stores in your area that offer food that is still good to go, but may no longer be sold. App users can then browse the items and pick up a “grab bag” of random items from the list that they can buy for a fraction of the original price.


Just like Too Good to Go, the Karma app offers users the opportunity to buy perfectly good food that would have otherwise been thrown in the trash at the end of the day. Unlike Too Good to Go, however, you can choose the exact meals you can buy at any store or restaurant.


If you want to keep food waste to a minimum in your home, NoWaste is for you. With the built-in receipt and barcode scanner, you can easily keep track of your weekly groceries. As you enter your purchases, the app notifies you when food expiration dates are approaching.


This app is the ideal choice for people who have a hard time thinking about what to do with their food scraps. Kitche is a free app that contains thousands of recipe suggestions. Users can filter the list by specifying the ingredients they have on hand and are then shown recipes they can recreate. It’s even more convenient because it has a barcode and receipt scanner.

Food Rescue US

This app lets you give your excess food to those in need. The app is the online arm of the Food Rescue US company and serves as a portal where users can give their surplus food to local social service agencies.


Olio lets you not only track down the food in your pantry that’s nearing its expiration date, but also help people in need. You can also sign up for Olio’s Food Waste Heroes program. Here, you volunteer to pick up unsold food from grocery stores, restaurants and other stores.


FoodCloud is an app that serves as a bridge between restaurants and supermarkets and homeless shelters and other charities across the UK and Ireland. Any business that deals in food can use FoodCloud to donate their surplus food. This is not just an app for large companies. Private households can also join in and donate their surplus food.


Whether you want to save on food or you don’t want your excess food to go to waste, there is always a way you can use it. Do good, or put your food to better use!

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