Spa treatments are among the usual indulgences that people from around the world would like to splurge in from time to time. Getting this kind of treatment, even occasionally, can already let you enjoy proper detoxification, restoration, and relaxation. It also allows you to heal naturally and somewhat cater to your needs both physically and spiritually.

The following are just some of the most commonly sought after spa treatments at present. It would be worthwhile to give any of them a try this year.

Ritual Healing

Spa centers at present now introduce fun and unique experiences to their clients that go beyond the usual facial or massage. Most of them also offer unique rituals that focus on harmonizing your mind and body. You may want to give this form of spa treatment a try if you want to experience relaxation for several minutes by enjoying other things aside from the usual massage.

It is also suitable for anyone who wishes to have an experience evoking ancestral harmony. In most cases, this form of healing aims to relieve you from negative thoughts. You will get your usual massage then your body will be cleansed using herbs, like chamomile. During the process, you will be required to channel all your painful and negative emotions.

Guided Meditation

You can also access luxury hotels and large spas that are becoming more and more innovative in terms of offering more personalized experiences to clients. One technique that they use is guided meditation that uses virtual reality. This aids in activating all your senses and bringing you into a very relaxing place.

In this treatment, you will often be given a questionnaire that you need to fill out with sounds, scents, landscapes, and flavors that tend to bring your mind at peace. For instance, you will need to list down whether you prefer to be in a forest or seaside. You will also be asked to choose from various scents, like wood or citrus as well as from different flavors.

After picking your preferred elements, your chosen spa team will then bring you to such a place via aromatherapy and 3D glasses. This form of meditation offered by several spa centers allows you to relax through multisensory experiences.

Isolation Tank Therapy

Also called floating therapy, this practice involves letting the body float on mineral or salt water placed in an enclosed tank. This is frequently conducted with music or in pitch-black darkness. It syncs the water’s temperature with that of your natural body’s temperature, which aids in developing a sense of weightlessness.

It promotes deep relaxation as it lets you fully disconnect yourself from reality. What you will experience, instead, is being alone with your own thoughts, getting rid of all stimulation linked all your senses. It can surely provide you with a fun and unique experience. It’s perfect for you if you want to know what it feels like to have a physical sensation of nothingness. Isolation tank therapy is also a great way to reconnect with yourself.

Blitz Shower

This classic spa treatment, which is still popular until today, is also called Jet blitz. It is an invigorating and relaxing spa treatment you should try. Basically, it involves a massage, which makes use of a high-pressure water jet targeting your body. This is helpful in stimulating the flow and circulation of blood. It also helps provide deep tissue relief.

Body Wrap

You may also want to give body wrap a try. This famous spa treatment applies various products, like algae, mud, cream wrapped in hot linens or plastic sheets, and hot oil, among many other products in the spa center’s menu, to your body. A body wrap session produces moisture and heat that will significantly improve the applied product’s relaxing and revitalizing effects. It helps heal a wide range of skin issues.


If your goal is to have glowing and youthful skin then try microdermabrasion, which is usually offered in spas. It is a results-driven treatment, which is effective when it comes to fighting aging. The non-invasive and painless procedure aims to rejuvenate your skin by using tiny crystals as well as a vacuum suction placed on your skin.

It is relaxing and provides several benefits – among which are softening wrinkles and fine lines, reducing the appearance of scars, reducing the size of pores, and smoothing skin with a coarse texture. With this treatment, some highly advanced skincare products will also have an easier time penetrating deep skin layers and building collagen. This can result in glowing and youthful look.

Bamboo Bliss Massage

This is a form of a relaxing massage, which utilizes a specific kind of bamboo roll. With the aid of this bamboo roll, the massage therapist will be able to utilize special techniques to eliminate body aches and pains. It is a big help in removing tension and stress from your body. It is so relaxing massage that you will feel like a new and rejuvenated person after a session.


Spa centers indeed provide several treatments designed to help you relax and heal naturally. To make the most out of your spa visit, make sure to gather information about what a specific spa center offers. Learn about the services they offer so you can decide on what you should try and ensure that you are maximizing its effects on your body.

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