Jessica Biel was in a marvellous shape in her movie “A-Team” (2010). In several interviews she has stated her passion for Yoga, meditation and outdoor fitness. Many other people follow the same activities, but do not have the same fitness results. Let us have a look at Jessicas training strategies and the details which can make a difference!

Rule no 1 : Find sport disciplines you are passionate about

Jessica grew up in an beautiful outdoor landscape in Colorado/US. She says that this was one of the reasons she was getting into outdoor training. Together with her family, she was doing all kind of outdoor activities such as camping, trekking and rafting. Today this is still one of her major strategies against stress: escaping outdoors into the wild and being active.

Conclusion: The passion for a certain activity keeps you active. Digg deeper into your past if you are not aware of it. Regular movement is neccessary to stay healthy, boost your metabolism and cope with stress.

Rule no 2: Find your very own food strategies which are healthy and fun

Jessica mentioned that she does not like to be on many parties and other events. Visiting too many parties can have a bad influence on your diet and lifestyle habits. If you can not follow your food strategies when you are going out, you will ruin your health and shape. Mental training can help you to strengthen your healthy attitude.

Mental training: getting in shape is a matter of mind

British scientists found out that losing weight is mainly a matter of your mind. The biggest problem of many, who are facing a diet or a change of their nutrition, is the perceived feeling of dissatisfaction which you get if you do not consume your usual amount of food.

The scientists found out, that the perceived amount of food which you consume is an important factor in your personal food strategy. This means that you could often eat less to be satisfied, but only your mind tells you that you want more food. This is one reason, why so called light-products are not as effective as often claimed. Your mind communicates subconsciously the message that there is something missing in the product to reach the full satisfaction.

If you want to change eating habits successfully, you have to change your idea of how it works. Learn mental training techniques to change your perception of healthy food and portion sizes.

You need to work on your mindset and your perception of an healthy lifestlye
How do you implement mental training in your daily life without making it too complicated? Jessica is into Yoga and mediation which you can learn also in most modern fitness centres and spas. Take part in the classes and study more the mental aspects of movement and nutrition. This will influence your attitude and habits in a positive way!

To reach goals, you must first set goals

Your goals affect your fitness success. If you set clear and realistic goals, you will activate more energy to reach them. Jessica wants to climb a part of the Mount Everest which is up to 5400m high. That is her mission for which she is mobilizing her spiritual and physical power – what is your personal mission?

Rule no 3: Share your active time with friends

If you do not like to be on your own, socialize with friends and share the fun during activities. Having fun with friends makes your athletic performance not always more effective, but for sure more motivating!

Jessica grew up within a family who joined lots of activities. Friends and family used to push her and motivate each other. This created a whole new training atmosphere.
Conclusion: plan weekend trips or evening classes in the next fitness centre with friends and family and have a healthy party!

Rule no 4: Get expert help if you need it

Jessica for sure is privileged and gets help from one of the best personal trainers in Hollywood, Jason Walsh. What we know about Jason is that he has a vast experience with functional training of professional athletes. He guided Jessicas training for months during the film work, and this for sure helped her to keep motivated during the fitness program. If you train with a personal trainer, you train more effectively. A trainer motivates you, if you are down, and plans your workout professionally.


If you do not have the expertise in a field in which you want to succeed, you need to get professional support from time to time. If you want to learn how to be an actor, you attend acting classes. If you want to be a singer, you attend singing lessons. If you want to get the latest updates on fitness training and nutrition, you hire a personal trainer or join a modern fitness online tutorial. This is what makes the difference and how you succeed much faster!

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