The word „Wellness“ has been derived from „wellbeing“ and fitness or also “wellbeing” and “happiness”. This concept includes an holistic lifestyle which focusses on a person as a whole. This means that besides balanced physical abilities also mental strength, balanced nutrition and a positive sense of life are important for a stable life.

Today, there are a variety of services belonging to the way of  “Wellness”  which will take you to physical, mental and emotional comfort: spa treatments, (massages, cosmetics, peelings etc.), physical and mental training methods (yoga, meditation, pilates, fitness etc.) and training programmes (relaxation weeks, yoga weekends etc.).

More and more you will also find spa products, e.g. tea, drinks and nutrition. But make sure that you read labels in detail, because the worth of the label “Wellness” has decreased since lots of product suppliers want just to add value to their products to attract more potential customers. Think about a so called sugar loaded “Wellness-Drink”, when you know at the same time that wellness drinks should be sugar free, just herbal tea or plain water to purify the body.

Based on the original meaning of “Wellness” methods for health prevention foster responsibility towards oneself and the understanding for the relevant elements of an holistic health promotion. Just keep in mind, that depending on region, east or west for example, the understanding for health and wellbeing might vary due to differences in tradition and culture.

It is very interesting to see that our understanding of wellness and the whole wellness industry in the western hemisphere are based upon concepts which belong to daily life of Asian cultures since thousands of years (e.g. yoga, Qigong, meditation). You can also see tendencies which show that we are up to integrate a more holistic approach into our daily life and our medical industry by recognizing that health insurances support more alternative medical treatments and preventive medical services than ever before.

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