Celebrated every June 21, the International Yoga Day is an event wherein yoga practitioners from all over the globe practice together. The aim of this event is to spread awareness about yoga and encourage more people, regardless of their religion or beliefs, to practice it.

When will it happen?

As mentioned earlier, practitioners celebrated the International Yoga Day last June 21. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, this year’s celebration took place online with participants celebrating the day safe inside their own homes.

If you were not able to make it to this year’s celebration, there is always June 21 next year, so you still have a long time to prepare.

Why June 21?

There is a reason why International Yoga Day always fell on June 21, and that is mainly because it is a special day for yoga practitioners. It is Grisham Sankranthi, which is the day when the sun starts to move from north to south (in context to the position of the Earth).

According to yoga practitioners, this day marks the best time for conversion; so, what better time to convince people to switch over to yoga? This day is also the time when practitioners share their experiences with each other and to people who are interested in starting a yoga practice. Basically, if you want to learn what yoga is all about, June 21 is a good time to start studying.

How can you Participate in IYD?

Every year, during the International Day of Yoga, there is always a large event in India to commemorate the event. This year, due to the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, people had no other choice but to practice in their own homes. However, they participated in an online yoga class along with thousands of other practitioners.

Hopefully, if things go back to normal by next year, everyone can participate in celebrating the International Yoga Day. If you are interested, you can always ask your local yoga studio if they will be holding their own program for that day. Usually, yoga studios from all over the city come together at a local park so that the members can practice en masse, and you can be a part of that.

It is quite unfortunate that this year’s International Yoga Day celebration had to be online, but that did not really do much to weaken the spirit of that special day. If all goes well, and this global health pandemic is finally behind us, you can celebrate International Yoga Day together with other people again.

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