In the past two years, travelling has been restricted und many people have been tied to their homes and working places. As countries and places are opening up, there are more options to follow your desire to travel.

Here are some of the best travel destinations for summer, autumn and winter 2022.

Which Regions best to travel to in Summer 2022?

Mexico City

Although most tourists would flock to the usual tourist destinations in Mexico, like Baja, Cancun, and Cabo San Lucas, you should seriously consider Mexico City. This city is the kind that you would visit once and then immediately plan afterward when you will be coming back.

One of the best places to visit while you are in the city is Bosque Chapultepec, which was recently renovated, turning it into one of the biggest cultural centers in the world. It now has an aquatic center, upgraded soccer fields, and multiple skate parks.

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 have been significantly relaxed for foreign travelers going to Mexico City. No positive test results are required. However, you need to show proof that you got vaccinated against the disease.


Barbados, particularly the Southern Coast, is popular for its barefoot hotels, but recently, the region has seen a sudden uptick in the number of luxurious hotels and dining establishments.

Aside from the beaches, you will find that the nightlife in the area has somewhat come back to almost normal since the pandemic. During the day, you can enjoy all of the things that the beaches of Barbados have to offer. Meanwhile, at night, you can partake in the legendary nightlife of the region.

Kyoto, Japan

Although Tokyo is the country’s capital, it also has quite a lot of things that tourists will find appealing. There is something about the old capital of Kyoto that you should not miss. You will get a glimpse of old Japan and its rich history filled with tradition when you visit Kyoto.

Now is actually the best time to visit Japan in general, and not just Kyoto. Japan is starting to open its borders after more than 2 years of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit the country’s tourism industry quite hard. It is the opportune time because there will be a slim window before you can see Kyoto without the pre-pandemic numbers of tourists.

Even though COVID forced Japan to close its borders, it did not stop Kyoto from moving forward. They knew that this global pandemic will pass, and they should be prepared when it does. New hotels have opened in the area, including the luxurious Mitsui, Shinmonzen, and Marufukuro hotels.

While the country was in lockdown, Kyoto committed to turning the city carbon neutral within the next three decades. The city also took measures to curb over-tourism, by developing a consulting arm for the tourism board.

They also took social media training to help build awareness for all the stores and neighborhoods in the area. This is to reroute tourists and prevent congestion in the usual tourist spots. This is also a step to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.


These regions are some of the best destinations that you can visit now that COVID-19 travel restrictions have more or less been lifted. Now, go pack your bags and scratch that travel bug itch.

Which regions best to travel to in autumn 2022?

If you are planning to go on a holiday this coming autumn, here are some of the best destinations that will surely give you a relaxing experience.

Yellowstone National Park

If you are looking for awe-inspiring sceneries, wildlife, and charming western hospitality, few can hold a candle to Yellowstone National Park. The park is home to more than 60 species of animals, including wolves, bison, bears, and many more. It is very much ideal to visit during the fall because that is when most animals are often out and about while they prepare for the winter.

There are also more than 1,000 miles of hiking trails, and with the chilly, but still bearable autumn air, it will be quite an experience. Even if there happens to be some early snow, the light dusting will only improve your trek.

Concerning COVID-19 restrictions, all areas of the park are now open. Face masks are optional outdoors but they are still mandatory in indoor spaces.

Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Although the weather in the Scottish Highlands can get quite chilly during the autumn, few places can rival the scenery of the region during the fall. The rivers and lochs are bordered by beautiful copper and gold colors. With that said, you should visit the beautiful rolling hillsides of Perthshire, which is also called the Big Trees Country, for the absolute best views of autumn-colored leaves.

Autumn is also the best time for wildlife spotting. From September until the first snowfall, you can find red deer stags gathering and fighting each other for the attention of the females, also called the rutting season.

In terms of travel restrictions, Scotland is quite lenient. You do not even need to show proof of vaccination, nor do you have to fill out information sheets. Wearing masks outside is also optional. It is still mandatory in some indoor spaces.

Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

In Iceland, where the days can stretch beyond midnight, the climate can still be quite enjoyable even in the fall season. Mid-September is the best time to visit because this is when the night sky starts to put on the world-famous natural light show, the aurora borealis. The aurora borealis alone should be enough to make the trip to Iceland, but there are more things in store for you.

Another site you should visit is Thingvellir National Park, where you can see a multitude of different tree species, from birch, willows, and other varieties of flora. While you are there, visit Lake Thingvallavatn, and bear witness to huge flocks of great northern divers along its banks.

Just like most of Europe, everyone is now welcome to visit Iceland. You are not even required to show proof of COVID vaccination, nor do you need to take an RT-PCR test for entry to the country. Wearing masks is also optional, both outdoors and indoors.


These are only some of the most amazing travel destinations that you should check out this coming fall season. Bring a thick coat with you and be prepared to take a lot of pictures. There are lots of things that you need to see now that overseas travel is a possibility again.

Which regions best to travel to in winter 2022?

Do you want to escape from the cold winter weather? Here are some of the best destinations that you can go to when you want to go somewhere warm where you can just relax.

La Paz, Baja California Sur

This is a good place to visit even though not that many know about the seaside town of La Paz, which is in Baja California Sur. This town is right in between wide desert plains and the sparkling waters of the Gulf of California.

Another reason why it is a good time to visit La Paz during the winter season is that it is ideal for whale watching. You do not even need to rent a boat to see the whales. You can see them right off the shores of the Baja Peninsula. Grey whales are known to migrate to the warmer waters of the shallow lagoons in the area to give birth.

Mexico has been open to tourism for quite a while now. You do not need to show proof of vaccination, nor do you need to present a negative COVID test. However, some resorts may require guests to fill out health information questionnaires.

The British Virgin Islands

Although it is a British colony, unlike Britain, the British Virgin Islands is typically sunny all year round. The Virgin Islands is quite reminiscent of Seychelles, with coasts lined with giant boulders and pristine white sand, and crystal-clear blue water. However, you do not have to fly halfway across the world. It is just a couple of hours by air from the US.

There is so much to do in the British Virgin Islands regardless if you are looking for adventure or just want to relax. If you are up for the latter, you can go to the Baths in Virgin Gorda. Take a dip in the beautiful turquoise pools that are between towering granite monoliths.

The British Virgin Islands is still a bit strict when it comes to foreign travelers. You need to show proof of vaccination and a negative RT-PCR test taken no longer than 48 hours before the travel date.

In addition, you will still need to undergo temperature checks upon arrival. If you show symptoms of COVID, you will be subjected to mandatory testing. If you turn out positive, then you are required to undergo 7 days of self-isolation.


The island country of Barbados is popular for making Rihanna its national hero, but it is much more than that. The moment you step onto the tarmac in the airport, you will immediately get a whiff of fresh seafood cooking in the distance, and your ears inundated by soca music.

If you like adventure, Barbados has some of the best surfing spots in the world. You can also visit the world-famous Mount Gay distillery in case you want to unwind after a day of activities. It is the world’s oldest rum distillery that is still in operation and sample its world-class liquors.

Regarding travel restrictions, you will need to show proof of complete vaccination status. If you are unable to do so, you have to provide a negative RT-PCR test result taken no more than 48 hours from the travel date.

If you’re not particularly fond of white Christmases, you can check out these recommendations for a more festive Winter holiday.

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