Qiii Media Holistic Health Wiki

Qiii Media is building and maintaining a holistic health wiki, because we think it is important to enable more people to lead healthy lives. In our view, eight pillars of knowledge make up a good holistic health wiki. What do you think? Do you want to help us to build it up?

Physical Health and Wellness

Physical wellness is not just about maintaining a healthy weight. It also includes getting enough sleep, proper hygiene, and having a balanced healthy diet. Our holistic health wiki helps you determine your physical well-being and teach you how to improve it.


Even though nutrition is already in the physical health category, it is so important that it deserves a pillar of its own. One of the biggest reasons why this is so is because you need to tailor-make nutrition plans according to your unique personality. Our holistic wiki includes information on how to pay attention to one’s diet. It also teaches you about the proper ways to use supplements to maximize their ability to supply your body with nutrition.


This pillar encompasses how well you can navigate through your feelings. The reason why this element is so important is that life is an emotional rollercoaster. That said, it is safe to assume that the better you can understand your feelings, the easier your ride will be.


This pillar entails how you connect with other people and deal with any failure in connections and communication. Social relationships are important because when the demands of life stress you out, you will have a support system that you can turn to for help.


Your spirituality can serve as your sense of purpose, direction, and/or meaning. Without a sense of personal spirituality, your values may falter, thereby causing an imbalance in your life. Spirituality does not necessarily connect to religion. It can also be a connection with nature instead of a higher power.


This pillar gains strength the more you engage your mind. For some, it means playing brain games and puzzles to keep their minds occupied. Others, on the other hand, engage in intellectually stimulating discussions or debates. It all depends on your mood. Our wiki comes up with ways on how to keep your mind engaged.

Financial Wellness

Financial wellness might sound boring, but if you can manage to strengthen this pillar of holistic wellness, you will find that the others will follow suit. Financial troubles are among the biggest sources of stress, so you will need to work on it as soon as you can. Our holistic wiki includes a section dedicated to providing the reader with advises to step closer to financial freedom.


This pillar concerns your immediate surroundings, including the larger community where you belong. This entails how you support your environment and how it helps you back.