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A healing method originated from China where finger pressure and massage is applied to physical energy points. Qi, which is an expression for life and…
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Originating from China (Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM), this method involves inserting small needles into energy points positioned on energetic pathways (meridians) across the human body.…
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Aromatherapy utilizes the fragrance of natural essential oils from plants, leaves, bark, roots, seeds, resins, and flowers, to stimulate the senses and treat impaired wellbeing.…
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Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural substances extracted from plants through steam distillation. The oils are found to have positive effects on mind and body and therefore…
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Qi is a term from Asian health teachings and martial arts and can have different meanings. The essential meanings for «», which have been an…
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Qigong is a mind-body discipline originating from China, in which breathing, movement, concentration and meditation are used to develop body and mind and to optimize…
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