What is Health Science?

Are you considering a career in health or fitness science? Here are some of the things that you can expect once you are deep into it, and what kind of professional careers you can get into.

An Overview of Health or Fitness Science

Health science encompasses a wide array of disciplines related to healthcare delivery through the use of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. Put simply, it is a field of science wherein researchers/practitioners take knowledge from other pure sciences and use them to improve the health and well-being of patients.

With that said, the branches of science where health science can tap into are virtually endless. It also includes not just mainstream conventional Western medicine, but also alternative and traditional folk medicine. In its broadest sense, health science can possibly also include spiritual-based healing practices.

What Careers Can You Get with Health Science?

According to the experts, a degree in health sciences can open a lot of career doors, mostly in the health profession. There are so many in fact, that they could not fit into the brief list provided below. However, take note that certain professions, including medicine, occupational and physical therapy will also require clinical training and a degree that is beyond that of what a Bachelor’s of Health Science provides.

Furthermore, many of these career paths will require some sort of certification. Here are some of the career paths you can take when you have a degree in health science:

  • Behavior analyst
  • Community health or public health worker
  • Doctor
  • Hearing aid specialist
  • Health educator
  • Mental health counselor
  • Patient care advocate
  • Pharmacy sales representative
  • Physical or occupational therapist
  • Registered diagnostic medical sonographer
  • Registered radiologic technologist
  • Research assistant or associate
  • Registered dietitian

If you graduate with a degree in health science, then there is also a great chance that you will get the title of technologist. It can change into something more formal depending on the specific discipline you pursue.

How the Health Science Field is Evolving

Although health science is a relatively new academic course (it only came about in the early 21st century), it has been increasing in popularity exponentially. In fact, many of the health science training programs weren’t even around a mere 15 years ago.

Because the field of health science is still new, it is one of the most exciting fields of study to belong to. Almost every day, you can witness new discoveries being made that will greatly improve the health and well-being of patients. Studying health science can also supply you with the most crucial healthcare skills and knowledge.

You can achieve such knowledge and skills while also honing your professional skills, including leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, information management, and information literacy – all of which are essential in the healthcare and fitness industry.