What is the Best Discipline or Equipment to Train your Endurance?

If you are looking into improving your muscular endurance, then take note that there are many different exercises and equipment that you can use to achieve such goals. Among them such exercises and equipment are the following:


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is basically doing different exercises in intervals. For instance, when you are out jogging around the block, you will sprint for one minute, then switch gears and go walking for 30 seconds. After that, you need to repeat the cycle. You can also do this interval training using other kinds of bodyweight exercises or when you are using a machine.


Yoga is more than just stretching and chanting mantras. It also involves engaging different muscle groups when performing and switching from different poses. For instance, if you want an intense workout that will help build up muscles and stamina, you can try Bikram yoga.

Stationary Bike

Investing in a stationary bike or exercise bike is also a wise move if your goal is to improve your endurance. The good thing about riding your exercise bike is that it can work out your muscles – the most important of which is your heart. Aside from that, it can boost your stamina and endurance. Riding your stationary or exercise bike for at least thirty minutes every day also promotes weight loss.

Barbells and Dumbbells

Weight training is not only for building muscles but also for increasing your muscle endurance. The trick here is to not concentrate too much on increasing the weight that you lift. You should focus more on pumping the number of repetitions that you can do with a set amount of weights.

Medicine Balls

This is another form of free weight that you can use while performing different exercises. For instance, you can use a medicine ball to add more challenges to exercises like lunges, squats, and stomach crunches. There are also specific exercises designed for medicine balls, like overhead throws.

Resistance Bands and Tubes

These are just simple oversized rubber bands with varying levels of stiffness. You can anchor these bands on any stable object, a hook on the wall, or just by stepping on it using your foot. You can also use these bands to perform the same kinds of exercises that normally require you to use free weights or other kinds of gym equipment.

The great thing about resistance bands is that the tension does not just come in an up and down motion. It is from the bands themselves so you can use them in any position.


While COVID-19 is still keeping people out from gyms and their usual fitness routines, you can adapt by trying these equipment and different exercises. By doing that, you can improve your muscle endurance and keep it that way.