What is Flexibility?

If you are one of those wondering what flexibility exactly means, then note that it is the capability of your joints to achieve their full range of motion. Many people mistakenly believe that being flexible is all about having the ability to bend at your waist and touch your toes easily. Flexibility is actually more than that.

Now, what is “range of motion”, you ask? Not all of your joints can have the same range of motion unless you are a skilled contortionist. Here is an example, your hamstring muscles might be flexible that you can bend forward and touch your toes easily. However, you cannot say the same about your quadriceps, meaning you may find it difficult to stand up straight. You may also struggle to bend backward.

When you exercise, you should also focus on your overall flexibility, which is sadly one of the most neglected aspects of fitness. To convince you to take your flexibility more seriously, here are some of the benefits that you stand to get.

Less Body Pain

Stiff muscles are among the main reasons why people suffer from muscle pain. If you train your muscles to be more flexible, you will discover that you will have fewer to no more incidences of body pain.

Having flexible muscles also means that there will be less pressure placed on your spine and lower back. Moreover, flexible yet strong muscles are less prone to suffering from painful muscle cramps.

Increases Range of Motion

If you have tight muscles, even the simplest tasks, like picking up your young child off the floor and simply standing up from a seated position, can make you groan in discomfort. Having an increased range of motion in your most frequently used joints can promote ease in doing these simple tasks.

Prevents Injuries

Stiff muscles are more prone to injury compared to those that are more flexible. As mentioned before, stiff muscles have a limited range of motion, and it is quite easy to go beyond that when you are engaged in physical activities. Also, when you go beyond the range of motion of a particular muscle, it is highly likely that you will suffer from a torn muscle.

Improves your Posture and Balance

Stiff back muscles can impair the alignment of the spine, causing you to slouch. On the other hand, if your back muscles are flexible and supple, you will notice a great improvement in your overall posture and movement.


Mentioned are only some of the many different benefits that you can receive when you start to incorporate flexibility into your regular workout. Work on improving your flexibility and you will surely be able to start making the most out of what your body can do.

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