What is Home Fitness?

With home fitness being prevalent nowadays, spending money on expensive gym memberships is no longer necessary. As its name suggests, home fitness is all about staying fit and working out right at the convenience and comfort of your own home. The good news is that there are so many things you can do to improve your fitness in the comfort of your own home.

You can even take advantage of the web and some video streaming services. Various video streaming platforms will serve as your go-to resource in case you are in need of an instructor for a certain fitness routine or discipline, like yoga. Checking the web can even help you access various online fitness classes that you can take advantage of.

You even have the chance to watch strength training, dance, yoga, and other fitness routines from just your PC or iPad. Now, to start your home fitness journey, here are some of the activities you can include in your routine:

Gentle or Restorative Yoga

Beginning or incorporating a yoga practice into your usual home workout routines is a great way to stay fit without going to the gym. You may want to give gentle or restorative yoga a try as it is perfect for your home workout considering the fact that it does not require additional equipment other than your yoga mat.

Gentle yoga also works well for beginners. It requires moving your body comfortably and gently, thereby encouraging you to move without any strain. You can even hold each pose for more than five minutes. To increase your level of comfort, you can use some cushions and pillows during the practice.

Overall, gentle or restorative yoga can greatly benefit you as its main focus is on breathing and alignment.


If you are willing to invest in fitness equipment, then the treadmill is one of those you can buy for your home. It is a versatile piece of equipment, which allows you to do aerobic exercise regularly. Running or walking on your treadmill lets you do an aerobic workout that is good for the health of your heart and your overall fitness.

This workout even helps in lowering your blood pressure, losing weight, and improving your cholesterol level and cardiovascular health. Exercising on your treadmill at home is also a fun activity, which can contribute to improving your overall mental health and wellness.

Cross Training

Cross training is another workout you can incorporate into your home fitness journey. As a matter of fact, investing in a cross trainer that you can use for your home fitness will let you do more exercises even in just a limited period. What’s even better about the exercises you can do is that they are all-inclusive, meaning they can target your entire body.

With an elliptical cross trainer at home, you can exercise while mimicking the movement of walking, climbing stairs, and running. In other words, you can make your entire body function, providing you with a complete and effective workout. With that, expect to lose weight quickly, improve your overall fitness, and lower your risk of suffering from injuries.


Apart from the mentioned workouts, you can also do things like pushups, jumping jacks, leg lifts, crunches, and squats at home. Whatever you decide to do for your home fitness, commit to keeping up with it so you can reach your health goals.

How to Start Home Fitness Training?

Are you stuck at home? Do you find it hard to find an open gym nowadays because of the pandemic? Then don’t worry as you can just choose to start your fitness training at home. With a generous dose of dedication and motivation, you can create an incredible workout routine at home, including strength and cardo training, even if you do not have fancy workout equipment.

If you are still starting your home fitness training, then here are some tips that can help you:

Determine your exact reason for wanting to exercise

Make sure that you identify your reason for wanting to start your home fitness training. Keep in mind, though, that you have a better chance of attaining success in your fitness journey if your main goal is to improve your health, not just solely based on look.

Aesthetic and physical changes will form part of the whole process. However, avoid doing it solely for the number on the weighing scale. It would be best to begin this journey with the goal of maximizing and improving your health.

Pick a location

Choose a location in your home and declutter it, so you can designate it for your fitness training. Avoid picking your garage or basement automatically, though. Remember that if the space does not appeal to you, then you will not be able to commit to spending some time working out there.

If possible, pick a place close to where you frequently sit. It could be an empty spot or corner close to your TV. This is so you can see your designated workout spot often, thereby inspiring you to move.

Gather the necessary gears and equipment

You don’t need a lot to start your home fitness journey, actually, but there are definitely some things you would like to gather and invest in. One of these is a pair of athletic shoes, one that perfectly suits your preferred activities and workouts. You can also buy basic necessities without spending too much, including a stability ball, exercise mat, some dumbbells, and resistance bands.

You can also choose to buy a piece of workout equipment, though, it would be much better to go for a practical one that you will enjoy using for a long time. Moreover, you need to use some fitness apps designed for smart gadgets. Have activity tracking devices, too, like those that you can use in tracking distance and burned calories or in monitoring your heart rate.

Incorporate some comforts into your routine

This means you should try to make your workouts as enjoyable as possible by adding some comforts, like your favorite source of entertainment. Try enjoying it during your scheduled workout. For instance, create a playlist of your favorite songs then play it when you are working out. You can also record one season of your favorite show or stream it during your workout, so you can make the session more interesting.


It’s not that hard to start your home fitness training as you do not need to invest in a lot of expensive stuff. One last thing you should remember is to start slow and keep track of your progress. It also helps to design a home fitness training program, which slowly improves your strength, endurance, range of motion, and overall fitness instead of rushing everything.

With the deluge of on-demand video-streaming platforms at present, it is safe to say that you can now bring your fitness training at home. You can work out in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere you are. The only thing you need is access to some of the most popular home fitness video streams this 2021, including the following:


You can find this channel on YouTube. From the moment it started on YouTube last 2009, this channel owned by Cassey Ho turned into one of the biggest online fitness empires focused on women. Ho uploads videos with practices that mainly focus on the class she created known as the POP Pilates. This class combines Pilates movements and pop music to make the practice more fun and danceable.

Apart from that, you can also access various videos in the challenge, including workouts that last for at least 20 minutes. What’s good about the videos on this channel is that they are equipment-free. The channel can also motivate you as Ho constantly talks about body positivity.


You may also want to visit this YouTube channel from Jessica Smith, an experienced certified personal trainer. In this channel, you can access full-length videos of organized workouts, demonstrating Smith’s 15-year experience in the industry.

This channel is properly and cleanly organized and divided into 13 playlists that tackle a wide range of fitness practices, including meditation, walking, barre, and HIIT. Another advantage of the videos in this channel is that they provide viewers and subscribers who have physical limitations with several options to perform their workouts.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender can also be your go-to source of information when it comes to at-home fitness routines. This channel already gained an excellent reputation in the industry as proven by its more than 4 million YouTube subscribers.

Here, you will get to access more than 500 full-length practices ranging from ten minutes to more than an hour. With the help of the Fitness Blender, you will have your ultimate resource when it comes to creating your full fitness routine at home.


If you are willing to pay for a home fitness video stream, then you may want to give Grokker a try. For a monthly fee of $15, you can access the wide-reaching yoga, cooking, and fitness videos offered by Grokker. It provides plenty of options, so it is definitely your one-stop resource when it comes to all things related to wellness.

One thing you will love about Grokker is that it lets you narrow down numerous videos based on your needs. This is made possible by its easy-search function, which sorts your options based on level, time you intend to dedicate to the workout, and category. It also lets you plan in advance as you can build a calendar of videos. You can also use it in keeping track of the number of your logged workouts and minutes per month.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn also gives you plenty of workout videos related to toning and cardio exercises as well as yoga. The most unique thing about this channel, though, is that it has a 30-minute workout that it streams live every morning. This site also boasts of its huge community composed of devoted users who communicate with each other and provide tips through online forums.


With all these home fitness video streams and channels, starting your fitness training at home will surely become a lot easier.