So, you got yourself all hyped up to work out, but after a while, you feel like your motivation is starting to wane. How do you keep your motivation high throughout your fitness journey? Is it even possible?

Here are some ways to keep your spirits up until you eventually reach your fitness goals:

Don’t set goals that are too high

If you haven’t exercised a day in your life, then it is best not to set goals that are almost impossible to reach. A common beginner’s mistake is to go for maximum results, but then when they see the training regimen needed, they easily get overwhelmed.

Don’t start by exercising for an hour every day if you feel like you can’t do so. Try to reach more reasonable goals, like exercising 15-30 minutes a day, twice or thrice a week.

Keep track of your progress

Keep a chart detailing your workouts. You can do this online using fitness apps. You may also use an old-school journal to keep track of your workout sessions. This way, you can see how you are gradually improving. It could be that you are starting to run faster, do more reps, and more. Seeing how much you have improved, no matter how small, will motivate you to keep moving forward.

Don’t feel guilty

Here’s the thing – you will be missing a day or two of training, but don’t beat yourself too much for it. Accept that there will be some missteps in your fitness journey and you will be more mentally prepared to deal with them as they come. Messing up one time does not mean you should give up.

Focus on your journey

There will always be someone who is fitter than you, but do not let that discourage you. Do not compare yourself with others. Your workout time is all about you and no one else. If you are drawing inspiration from a person, then that should be fine. However, when you are starting to wonder why your body is not like theirs, then you need to stop.

Get moral support

Having people support from those you love will surely help keep you motivated to exercise. Ask your family, your friends, and maybe even a couple of your co-workers to encourage you to stay on track and give you a stern talking to when they see you wander.

Your motivation to continue exercising is the only thing that is keeping you from quitting and returning to your unhealthy lifestyle. For your health’s sake, you need to boost your motivation as much as you can.