FAQ: Workout

Workout. Your presence. Your will, goal and motivation count now. Concentrate, breathe, begin. Keep going. Race, lie down, get up, jump. Pause. Carry on, be strong, finish. The more often you do it, the better you become. Each time you move on. Here are some topics that can help you.

Are supplements just a waste of money or are they good?

Whether you really need supplements depends very much on your daily diet and training. If you are training a lot, it may be useful to supplement your nutritional intake with high quality supplements. However, you can cover a large part of the required nutrients, even during intensive training, with a balanced and healthy diet. If you want to know if supplements are good for you, you should consult a dietitian and have yourself tested for deficiency of certain nutrients.

How can I get a flat stomach?

An active lifestyle and a healthy diet are the key to a flat stomach. If you want to lose weight and tone up your body muscles, live more actively and follow at least every other day of an activity that you enjoy, for example Yoga, jogging, cycling or fitness training. Any activity will help you to improve your metabolism and burn body fat.

Is it possible to learn bodyweight workouts without a trainer?

With special training cards, books, study programs or exercise posters, it is possible for anyone to properly learn the basics of fitness training, also training with your own body weight. However, you should make sure that your training materials are up-to-date and developed by professional trainers. It is also advisable to train with a personal trainer or to attend a group course at regular intervals so that you receive expert feedback on your posture and exercise routines. Even light exercises can be harmful if you do them wrong.

What are the top best workout exercises for starters?

There is no general recommendation as to which exercises are best for designing a workout program. Which exercises make sense in your training depends primarily on your abilities and your health. For example, yoga is a generally recommended discipline with versatile movements, many of which you should not do or only in modified version if you have back problems. It is important that you get professional advice before starting a new exercise program. This will make sure that your training program is tailored to you and really helps you.

How long will it take for one to start seeing results?

The time it takes to reach your training goal depends on many factors. Your commitment and lifestyle, but also your own metabolism are highly relevant. By matching your diet, training and lifestyle to your training goal, you ensure that you reach your goal in a time-efficient manner.