Top Workout Trends

What are the Top Workout Trends in the Current Fitness Industry?

Because of COVID-19, all the gyms across the nation have shuttered their doors, many of them for good, leaving people with limited choices when it comes to fitness. However, the fitness industry did not just take this hit lying down.

Even though gyms have closed, fitness brands and professionals learned to adapt so they can survive this new environment brought about by the global pandemic. In fact, new workout trends in the fitness industry have emerged, including the following.

Booming Home Gym Equipment Sales

With gyms closed, the next best thing is to bring the same kind of experience at home, and the best way to do so is to set up a home gym. With most people working from home, it is only natural that they will also start working out at home.

There are lots of reports about home exercise equipment manufacturers needing to stop their sales temporarily so that they can focus their efforts on reducing the massive backlog of orders they received during the start of the lock-downs. Also, since there is no clear indication of this pandemic ending soon, it is only natural that the demand for home exercise equipment will not wane as well.

Interest in Yoga will Surge

Due to people getting locked inside their homes for the better part of the year, it is only natural that their mental health takes a huge hit. It is the reason why so many people have taken an interest in yoga in the past couple of months.

Not only does yoga help improve a person’s physical health, but it can also help improve  mental health. You will be working on two different aspects of your health at the same time when you practice yoga, which is a requirement in the new normal.

Online Fitness Classes

With gyms and studios closed, the only logical step to take your fitness classes is online. The past couple of months have shown a huge spike in the number of online classes popping up in all social media platforms right now.

The great thing about online fitness classes is there is no longer a need to go out of the house to go to the gym. Any room in the house can be your exercise studio. The only requirements are the basic exercise equipment, a computer, and a stable internet connection.


Although these trends came to the surface as a result of the global pandemic, it is also evident that they will persist even after all of these blow over hopefully in the next couple of months. This means that these new trends will further increase the number of your options when it comes to achieving a higher level of fitness.

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