Fitness Center Trends

What are the Current Trends in Fitness Center Training?

With the COVID-19 pandemic still shaking up the world, the fitness industry has to make a few adjustments. Nowadays, you can see several fitness centers and gyms closing up or just accepting a limited number of clients.

Most of them also make it a point to offer programs and classes online, so they can still cater to the needs of their clients. Undeniably, the fitness industry made a lot of adjustments for them to cope with the pandemic.

With that said, here are some of the current trends adopted in fitness center training that helped businesses in the fitness industry survive amidst COVID.

Outdoor Fitness Programs/Classes

In the past couple of years, many consider outdoor activities as the most effective way for them to remain fit, aside from working out at home. While outdoor fitness is not a new concept, more and more people were embracing it since last year due to the many restrictions and strict lockdowns.

Many fitness centers offer such kind of training for their clients. It could be a yoga class every morning in a park or an outdoor boot camp. A lot of fitness buffs seem to embrace this kind of an alfresco concept in fitness completely. With the success of these outdoor fitness options, expect more gyms and fitness centers offering these programs in their training in the coming years.

Remote Coaching and Personal Training

This is another trend in fitness center training that I am sure will continue even after the pandemic. With the remote coaching and personal training setup, gym and fitness center members get the chance to work with a wellness coach or personal trainer via a one-on-one approach or setting. It serves as the expansion of the online offerings of many fitness centers.

In most cases, members make it a point to hire coaches and personal trainers in the virtual setup so they will still feel more accountable and motivated. With the wide acceptance of virtual coaching, it is also likely for it to be offered in other aspects of health and fitness, even when following a holistic approach to fitness training.

Specialized Fitness Training and Classes for Risk Groups

Now, more than ever, people are focusing on improving their health. This is also the reason behind the trend in gyms and fitness centers that revolve around programs and classes that target specific groups.

It could be for an individual who is at risk and looking for a more specialized program or a small group fitness training and class conducted digitally or in a more regulated environment. These specialized classes are for those who are still uncomfortable going back to their usual fitness center or gym routines until the pandemic is over.

Mind and Body Connection

Many fitness center training and gym classes also offer programs that focus on improving not only the body but also the mind. In fact, yoga classes are among the most popular digital workouts since last year. It is mainly because many have now recognized the importance of not just physical health but also mental health.

Mental health is even more important nowadays with the feeling of isolation and restrictions brought about by COVID-19. With that, expect most fitness centers to offer training that merges physical and mental benefits. Mind and body exercises, such as Pilates and yoga, will, therefore, continue to become popular in the years to come.

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