People are naturally social creatures. With that fact considered, fitness centers and gyms made it a point to offer group fitness training even with the heightened restrictions so their members can still interact and develop a sense of friendship, accountability, community, and discipline. Yes, the adjustments associated with continuing such interactions are hard for these establishments but they were able to successfully push through via live-streamed group fitness classes.

Even if clients are at home, they were still able to connect with the group through digital means. With this adjustment, group fitness continues to rank high in the fitness trends amidst the pandemic. With the continued shift to online classes, it is also highly likely for group fitness to continue growing and becoming a trend in the coming years.

Here are just a few reasons why group fitness is still a trend nowadays even if most of them are just virtual or done in small and limited groups:

Expert Guidance Provided

The primary reason why people continue to attend group fitness classes even virtually is that they can get the expert guidance of certified professionals and instructors in the fitness industry. You no longer have to do any guesswork since you know that what you are doing is correct. You can even structure your workout based on what truly works for you.

Provides a Completely Connected Digital Experience

Virtual content nowadays makes it possible for gyms and fitness centers to provide their clients the service they want from the comforts of their homes. They do not have to do real-life visits. New trends in group fitness combine social connection, convenience, and motivation in a one-stop fitness shop that caters to members 24/7.

Among the trends that make group fitness still alive are the following:

  • Ability to book group fitness classes and monitor progress using just their mobile phones and devices, thereby promoting ease and comfort
  • Digital group challenges via mobile apps, allowing members to be motivated to reach their fitness goals
  • Ability to integrate wearable technology into group fitness – This allows constant motivation and real-time stats.

Combats Loneliness

With constant lockdowns being implemented, a lot of people feel isolated since the pandemic started. You can fight this feeling of isolation and loneliness by participating in a virtual or online community that can also improve your health and fitness.

Group fitness, despite being digital nowadays, is trending with the help it offers in terms of increasing the satisfaction, exertion, and enjoyment of members. Even with the limited numbers in the studio, group fitness is still capable of developing togetherness as well as lasting connection with the digital community.

Increases motivation

Participating in group fitness classes is also a great way to motivate yourself to stay fit. The fact that you get to connect and interact with others can give you a sort of social support, which a lot of people need at present.

Some fitness centers and gyms even offer the following to motivate their online community:

  • A Facebook group where clients and members can share their experiences – They can also support each other through this space.
  • Group packages designed to motivate friends and family to work out
  • Automated marketing, direct messaging, and apps to monitor you and your progress

All these offerings and adjustments made by gyms and fitness centers are just a few reasons why group fitness is still trending even when we are still battling the COVID-19 pandemic.