Is Yoga Recommended for Any Age?

One reason why a lot of people hesitate to do yoga is that they think they are already too old for it. Some delay the start of practicing yoga even if they have already heard its many benefits because they are afraid that they no longer have the flexibility they had many years ago.

The misconception that they are no longer that flexible may make them think that they can no longer do the complex poses required by this practice. However, the truth is yoga is for everyone regardless of age. This means that one can never be too old, or too young to practice it and enjoy its numerous benefits.


The teenage years can be quite tumultuous as it is the time when a person can get overly sensitive about body image. Also, it does not help that hormonal fluctuations and peer pressure add up to their already crippling anxiety.

If a teenager can manage to stick to a yoga practice throughout their high school years, then he can rein in his stress and somewhat take control over his anxiety and handle schoolwork much better.


Starting to practice yoga while you are still in your twenties can set you up to follow a yoga-based lifestyle. The neat thing about yoga is that practicing it while still in your twenties can lead to an entirely new and healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, if you are concentrating more on furthering your career, you can use yoga to ease the stress that you experience every day.

During your thirties

People who are in their thirties are commonly starting to settle down and start their own families. It is also the time when most people start having children. If you are a thirty-something mom, practicing yoga can help you cope with the stresses of pregnancy. It is also a great, low-impact workout that can help prevent you from getting too heavy.

The forties

This is the time when your muscle mass will start to decline (by as much as one percent per year). With that said, it is even more beneficial to do yoga regularly. It is because this practice can maintain your healthy muscle mass.

The fifties

Women will start having problems with declining bone density during this age. Aside from that, it is also the time when menopause will start to hit. Men, on the other hand, will need to work on their mental fortitude as well as their physical strength and vitality. Yoga can help in such areas. It does not only improve or maintain your muscle mass but also contributes to boosting your mental fortitude.


Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you are already too old for yoga. Note that regardless of your age, yoga will work for you. It can provide you with benefits that are right for your age.

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