Even though you will have a hard time finding an operating yoga studio these days due to the global pandemic, you can still start your yoga journey without taking one step outside your home. Just make sure that you gather the right equipment and clothing specifically designed for yoga, especially if you are still a complete beginner.

By having the right gears and equipment, you will surely feel motivated to continue the practice. Here are just some of those you need to invest in for your yoga training at home:

Pants or Shorts

Yoga pants are a staple in the closet of almost all yoga practitioners. It is because these items allow you to do all kinds of poses without leaving you exposed or uncomfortable. Women tend to lean towards the tight yoga pants, but some also prefer the looser-fitting harem pants. Men also tend to like jogger pants.

Shorts are also quite popular among men. You can also find women who prefer to wear a pair of shorts, especially those who are practicing Bikram yoga. It is mainly because the items can make you feel more comfortable, especially when it already gets too hot in the studio. However, you might want to wear spandex shorts underneath, so you will continue feeling comfortable even when doing certain poses.


You generally should choose tops that are form-fitting so that your shirt will not hike up your head while you are doing yoga. Also, pick a top that is sweat-wicking. With that, you have a guarantee that you will remain dry even after a particularly intense session.

Sports Bras

If you are a woman, you will need a sports bra that will provide you with enough support. It should be supportive enough that your breasts will remain in place regardless of what pose you make.

Hair Ties/Headbands

If you are someone who has long hair, then you will need something to keep your hair from your face. In that case, make sure you have hair ties or headbands around. Wear it to prevent your hair from distracting you when doing yoga poses.

Yoga Mat

This is the most important piece of equipment that you will need to practice yoga. With this mater around, you will have a slightly softer surface to work on your yoga poses. Using a mat specifically made for yoga also means that the area where you practice it will not get slippery even when you sweat.

Blankets, Blocks, Straps, Bolsters, and Wheels

These are optional pieces of equipment that will help yoga beginners to achieve the correct poses with ease. For instance, a yoga blanket can help lift your hips when you need to do poses in a seated position. The blocks, on the other hand, can help you position your hands properly when doing floor exercises.


As you can see, you do not need that many things if you want to start practicing yoga in your own home. Just gather the basic ones and you will most likely have everything set for your yoga training.

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