Have you heard? These are some thrilling Yoga topics

IsnIsn’t Yoga alone an entire trend already? Yes. However, there is much more to know about some yoga trends than we think. Normally, people assume that this discipline is just about some (maybe called) weird poses and extreme stretching, or in some cases, only meditating and breathing, and yes, it includes all of this together, but for what purposes? Not every meditation session focuses on the same body part, though, or even habit because, as wild it might sound, yoga can help in a lot of various things regarding our physical and mental health.

Among these reasons we have a lot more, and they fit in specific categories. Regardless of your level of expertise, knowing how Yoga really works will improve your experience with it.

According to MeTimeAway.com, the following types of Yoga are going to be very popular for 2022:

Aerial Yoga: it has been around for a while, but now is coming strong to be a formal exercise. Promising to be great for gaining confidence and trust in yourself, since your mind has to be focused on holding you in position while on air. Good for your core and also for rehabilitation treatments.


It’s focused on very muscular and cardiovascular training, as well as toning. It is said to be the trend that will give people with less interest in breathing and meditation an opportunity to try Yoga out and find its benefits through some other type of exercise that resembles better what they like.

Sup Yoga

Ready to welcome the sun, sand, and the ocean? Yoga is. This trend is probably one of the most interesting ones since you will have the chance to perfect posture, gain muscular toning and prove your concentration skills, since everything is done on a paddleboard on the water. This is for intermediate to advanced levels.

Yoga Hiit

This category includes a little bit of everything. Yoga Hiit is a mix of fast exercises for those who prefer “a quick, high-tempo take on yoga”, and this particular change is focused to bring more fitness lovers into the discipline.


It may be the last, but a not less important or interesting one. In Chroma Yoga the workout combines different colors spectrums to change your moods, fix insomnia problems, and even anxiety. The sessions are set to be in a private area, secluded almost, to secure those practicing a totally silenced environment. The energy of the colors is real, and you’re about to find out just how much if you give yoga a try.

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