What are Yoga weekends and workshops like in covid times?

If you love doing yoga, then the restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic should not stop you from continuing to make it a part of your habits or routines. You may have to make a lot of adjustments especially if you are used to attending yoga workshops and classes during weekends in a yoga studio, but it does not mean you can’t do it nowadays.

Virtual Workshops/Training

With most yoga studios closed due to lockdowns implemented in various cities and countries, it is no longer surprising to witness yoga workshops and trainings going virtual. This means you can now take up yoga workshops or trainings online.

This is what yoga weekends look like to most practitioners nowadays as this allows them to still enjoy this practice without having to leave their homes. Some yoga teachers even offer classes through podcasts and online streaming through various social media and video channels, like YouTube.

Where to Get Online Yoga Classes?

With online yoga skyrocketing due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you will never run out of choices when it comes to available streaming classes. With your numerous options, you can expect to easily find one that perfectly suits your specific preferences and needs.

Fortunately, practicing yoga at home does not require shelling out a huge amount. Here are the specific places wherein you can stream these classes online and at the comforts of your home:


YouTube will most likely be your constant companion during your yoga workshops over the weekend. The good thing about most of the yoga classes on YouTube is that they are accessible for free. During COVID times, these online classes will let you continue your practice even without needing to go out. One of the best YouTube channels for yoga practitioners like you is Yoga with Adriene. Here, you can access a wide range of classes that perfectly suit what you are looking for regardless of your preferred yoga style.

Yoga Streaming Subscriptions

These on-demand streaming subscriptions are also among the new-normal for yogis in COVID times. In these streaming subscriptions, you will get to access a library composed of thousands of yoga classes that can help deepen your love for the practice.

You will also have the chance to get in touch with world-class instructors, such as Dylan Werner and Ashley Galvin, who can provide you with yoga videos guaranteed to have good production value. You can also expect your yoga workshops to come with mindfulness classes, such as meditation and sound baths as they also form part of most streaming workout services.

Independent Yoga Studios and Teachers

Your yoga weekends these days will also most likely consist of getting in touch with independent yoga studios and teachers offering online classes to students. The workshops you will be participating in will most likely revolve around supporting these independent entities.

You may do so just by signing up for a membership on their live classes that often happen in Zoom. You can also offer support by buying the downloadable yoga classes they offer on their studio’s official website as well as their personal ones.

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