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Top 5 Foods to Support Your Yoga Practice

Are you into yoga? Then you are probably aware that regardless of whether what you are doing is the intense power yoga or the slower and gentler forms, like yin or Hatha, your success will rely on the foods you eat.

A healthy diet can contribute to getting the focus and energy necessary in continuing with your practice. As much as possible, stick with a balanced diet filled with highly nutritious foods, specifically healthy fats, vitamins, natural sugars, and fiber. Ensure that the foods you eat can help keep you grounded and satisfied, too.

In that case, here is a list of the best foods guaranteed to support your yoga practice and give you the best results.

Dark Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens including arugula, collard, kale, and mustard greens have high fiber, calcium, and iron content. They are also rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K, as well as other vital nutrients. With the highly nutritious nature of dark leafy greens, making them a part of your diet can surely benefit your entire body. You can also maximize the benefits of yoga for your whole body if your diet is full of these dark greens.


As a yoga practitioner, I’m sure you know how important protein is. It plays a vital role in giving you the concentration and energy that you need for your yoga practice. You can get your required protein fill by making quinoa a part of your regular diet. In addition to protein, quinoa also has nine essential amino acids and Vitamin B2 that aid in stimulating the production of energy in your cells.

It also has iron to improve the health of your blood and magnesium to control your blood sugar. Fortunately, it is not that hard to include quinoa in your meal plans. You can eat quinoa as a replacement for grains, such as rice. You can also make it your breakfast food.


As you can see in all berries, they have bright colors that strongly indicate their high antioxidant content, the one responsible for boosting your immunity and your ability to fight diseases. Berries are also rich in fiber, which is good as they can keep you feeling full longer.

One more thing that berries can provide you is natural sugar. This allows you to continue your daily yoga practice without the risk of crashing, which may happen if you take snacks rich in artificial sugar.


As a superfood, cacao is also rich in antioxidants necessary in fighting diseases. It also has high flavonoid content, which is good in lowering your risk of suffering from heart disease. In addition, raw cacao, which is the main ingredient in cacao, contains magnesium that promotes better emotional health. The regular intake of raw cacao is said to support the goal of yoga, especially in terms of helping practitioners live longer and happier lives.

Water and lemon

It is time for you to begin your day with a combination of lemon and warm water. If possible, replace your coffee with it. This is a great way to kickstart your digestive system healthily. The good thing about warm lemon water is that it alkalizes your body, thereby aiding in controlling the spread and development of certain diseases.

Making warm lemon water a part of your diet is also beneficial especially if you consistently do Bikram yoga, which focuses on working out your muscles. This drink promotes the good health of your muscles and joints.


Other foods designed to make your yoga practice even more beneficial for you are avocado, nuts, lentils, fresh fruits, nut butter, protein shakes, and almonds. By making some adjustments to your diet and transforming it into a healthier one, you can further improve the results of your yoga practice.

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