How to Develop your Basic Yoga Practice to Advanced?

So, you have been practicing yoga for a while now, and you are starting to realize that you have hit a plateau on your fitness journey? It might be time for you to kick it up a notch and advance yourself to a more advanced yoga practice. Here’s how.

Be consistent

The biggest key to moving into a more advanced yoga practice is by sticking to a consistent yoga routine. You can choose from going to a yoga class every morning, or logging in to an online class every evening. Choose whatever feels most comfortable for you. Whenever you can push yourself to start your yoga practice is already the time when you are starting to progress to the next level.

Go out of your comfort zone

When you were just a beginner at yoga, you will already feel good about yourself when you can perform the basic poses. However, when you’re moving on to the more advanced stages, you need to learn new poses and concepts. In such a case, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Motivate yourself to learn these new poses no matter how challenging they are, so you can finally master them.

Be curious and ask questions

Back when you were a beginner at yoga, it is safe to assume that whatever your instructor says is true. After gaining a couple of years of yoga experience, you can start comfortably asking those questions that you have always wanted to ask your instructors. You can do that while still keeping an open mind to any and all possibilities.

Work on your core strength

Having a strong core is important when it comes to yoga practice no matter what your experience level is. If you have strong core muscles, you can stabilize your entire body easily when you’re doing your poses. You will find it easier to do the more advanced poses, like handstands, if you can engage your core muscles effectively and keep them engaged.

Work on your breathing

When you were still a beginner at yoga, you probably struggled to do your poses without losing your balance and falling over yourself. However, the more you practice, you realized that the key is to control your breathing so you can engage your muscles, maintain your balance, and keep your concentration.


Since you are thinking of advancing your yoga practice, you are likely thinking about your mind benefiting from yoga as well. It is the right time for you to set aside more time for meditation. Not only will meditation help you gain more control over your breathing, but it will also improve your concentration. Moreover, meditating helps keep your mind calm throughout the day.


By doing these tips, your goal of advancing in your yoga practice will be achievable. These tips also make the entire journey and process more manageable for you.

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