Are you thinking of taking up yoga so you can still stay fit during the COVID-19 lockdown, but  don’t know where to start? Here are some of the most popular styles of yoga that you may find interesting. You can incorporate any of them into your daily fitness routines.

Vinyasa Flow

Currently, vinsaya flow is the most popular style of yoga. It is mainly because of the quick and fluid transitions that it has in between poses. Vinyasa yoga is not exactly a separate style per se. It is a broad practice that combines different aspects from other styles of yoga, like Power and Ashtanga.

The great thing about Vinyasa Flow yoga is it is highly customizable for all student levels. This type of yoga will quickly get your heart pumping and warm up your muscles considerably, which is what most people come to expect from their exercise.

Hatha Yoga

Just like Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga is a combination of different yoga styles, but that is where the similarities end. Yoga practitioners describe Hatha yoga as the polar opposite of Vinyasa.

Unlike Vinyasa, Hatha yoga takes it one pose at a time, and you stay with it for a longer time. It also has a slower pace, and instead of increasing your heart rate, it focuses mostly on stretching.

You will discover that this style is a great choice for beginners because of its leisurely pace. It is also kind of relaxing since you will be doing all sorts of stretches.

Restorative Yoga

This style of yoga usually involves a couple of easy poses that you will hold for an extended period. You can also use props for support to make holding the pose much easier.

Some of the poses that you will be doing when practicing restorative yoga include forward folds, torso twists, and other forms of relaxing light stretches. Doing this yoga style is a great way to unwind and relax after a particularly rough day of work.

Bikram/Hot Yoga

If you are up to a challenge, then you should try Bikram yoga. It is also referred to as hot yoga because you will need to do it in a heated space (somewhere where the temperature is between 95-108 degrees F).

It also requires you to perform a prescribed set of poses in the said space, so it is great if you are the type of person who likes routines and uniformity in your workouts. Just remember to drink plenty of water before and after each session because you will be sweating a lot.


Yoga comes in different styles, making it possible for you to pick a style that perfectly suits your desired results. The good thing about yoga is that it does not only focus on improving your physique but also your mental health. This means that various yoga styles work for anyone who wants to improve both their physical fitness and mental and emotional health.