For some people, activewear is just whatever they find in their drawers. However, for Yoga practices, this can’t be a light subject, since it involves a lot of stretching, breathing, and holding it together for long periods of time. For a lot of new students, Yoga breathing takes the best out of them, and they associate this with their ability to exercise at all and quit rather quickly. This is why you should take your wear very seriously, and we’re here to recommend the top 10 fashion trends for 2021 and what can they offer according to the type of Yoga you’d like to do.

Before you start reading the list keep in mind that these trends are really open in terms of style, and you can always add your personal touch to all of them. Whatever you feel like a match or not, take the time on this to find inspiration for your own comfort.

According to, these are the best to consider for this coming year:

Let’s talk classics: Longlines Sports Bras

Once we used to think of sports bras as short and stretchy, and a lot of people would hesitate to use them because of the amount of skin that they showed. However, longliners are here to stay and to offer the same comfort as the classic tops, but with more coverage and a lot of designs to pick from. They have more o less cleavage, longer or shorter straps, different colors, materials, and so on. They are also very combinable!

Super, super high-waisted leggings

Versatile as it can be, these leggings are not the classic high waisted ones, but way more modest. They not only support your core and offer tummy control, but they cover a lot more for those who don’t feel so comfortable showing skin. The fashion part? They work perfectly with a casual jacket, or a jean one and you will be ready to go out for ice cream or lunch.

Personalized activewear

There is no need to look for big brands anymore since now customers have the ability to do their own pieces of clothing, and this includes activewear. In fact, the business is starting to grow, since not only are people doing their own personalized items, but they are building their own brands. Don’t be shy, you can give it a try!   

The big hit: Seamless Activewear

It’s not an onesie, don’t worry. Seams are not absent from these items, they just seem to be hidden. Amazing patterns and fabrics unify with this trend and you will look like an entire trend on yourself. Pick your colors and style, no more plane exercise.


Nothing says “gym” more than a hoodie sweatshirt. For years this trend has been used and it seems to be getting stronger. Is comfortable, practical, and very fashionable, so much so that even the most expensive fabrics can work on this design and your activities will not be affected. In fact, you can look not only for jackets but also hoodie crop tops,  hoodie longline bras, and a lot of more ideas with this timeless style.

High-Performance wear

This is the real stuff, because according to the website brands “will focus on developing and distributing fabrics that inhibit the production and growth of microbes, (…) and with reflective capabilities built into the fabrics, limiting the need for accessory reflectors and lights”. To summon up: 2021 will give you a second skin ready to protect you from any harm during exercise.


The limit is the sky: or not even that. Don’t be surprised if in 2021 you see activewear made of not only new and more delicate fabrics but with ruffle designs inspired by dresses, pants, and lingerie. The matchy part is, of course, that both up and down parts will look the same, but you won’t: if you choose this trend get ready to be the standout.

Really- fashionable Bodysuits

The nude bodysuits have been a sensation this 2020, and for next year, the activewear will not be left out. It’s well known that they are not new to this category (flashback to the 90s), the new versions are way better thought of to be more comfortable and smart in fabric. One of the most amazing perks of this trend is that “bodysuits make it easy to go from streetwear to your fitness class”, especially with yoga, you will feel free and ready to stretch your legs and arms without friction.

The classics

For some, the simpler the better. Active sets are easily the easiest trend to put on since they are ready-to-go combinations. For those who do yoga in-between hours, this will do them a big favor keeping them comfortable and fashionable during the exercise. And one of the good parts of this is that all of the brands have classics, so people don’t have to look too hard for them. Also, if you’re still wondering about how much of a classic you can get, we tell you: matching sets, with any fabric you like, combined with whatever shoes you think better. Retro is back, so get crazy!

Joggers and longliners: working from home fashion

Let’s not forget that 2021 will have to continue its precautions since COVID 19, and a lot of people will still be working from their homes. However, fashion doesn’t stop there, because there is a trend for those whose gyms are not quite functioning yet. Workwear and activewear will fusion and the result will be a combination of joggers and longline bras, this way you can work and do yoga without having to change, it’s the simpler life!


If you find more than one option to be great, try them all! Don’t be shy. Just like yoga, fashion is flexible and meant to make you feel good about yourself. Try new things, new fabrics, new patterns, seriously mixing is also a trend, AND don’t be afraid of showing your body as it really is, its shape and curves. The only thing that you won’t find in this list is the word “exclusively”, and it is well known that all bodies are worthy of a rocking outfit.