What is Yoga for kids and how can kids start Yoga?

Yoga is for everyone, and there is of course Yoga for kids. You can even modify it to fit and support any skill or ability level, goal, and age. It is also naturally inclusive plus it is something that you can practice anywhere without requiring plenty of equipment.

With that, it fits the needs of children as this means they can do it in various places, like in the classroom, play area, at home, or even before and after programs and events in school. The question now is how can kids begin yoga? Here are some tips:

Make the yoga practice playful and fun

This should make the kids feel excited about the practice, thereby encouraging them to attend each session. Making the entire yoga session as fun as possible can also help them let go of their bodies simultaneously, which is a big help in making them feel relaxed naturally and allowing them to assume the designated positions.

You can maintain a light tone when practicing yoga. It also helps to intermix some fun games with each pose. This can contribute to maintaining the kid’s focus. The goal here is to adapt some yoga poses with innovative and imaginative play. That way, kids will have the chance to achieve balance in the world that seems to be changing constantly.

Dedicate a special yoga space

If possible, find a small yoga mat dedicated to kids. You may also use your mini mat or cut a bigger one so it gets smaller. While the mat is not a mandatory piece for practicing yoga, it is still advisable to look for a special space at home where your kids can practice it.

Remember that this will always serve as a sacred component of the entire practice. You may also want to make the practice fun for kids by adding special rituals, including lighting a candle, playing some music, bringing a valuable object in the area, and giving your kid a special cuddle.

Teach kids about healthy breathing

The goal here is to make them more aware of every breath that they take in and out. Ensure that you teach them about breathing healthily in a fun, lighthearted, and playful manner. For instance, you may ask him to smell fragrant food or fresh flower. Teaching your kids about deep and healthy breathing techniques is a big help in teaching them how to manage their stressful and overwhelming life later.

Start simply

As beginners, focus on teaching kids around two to three beginner activities or postures at first. You should let them feel like they are successful in every new activity. That way, they have a better chance of continuing the routine.


Yoga is indeed not just for adults. You can also start training and teaching kids about this practice so they can also reap its benefits. Just make sure that when teaching them yoga, you do not forget to have fun. Keep the intention as simple yet fun and enjoyable as possible. Use your creativity and imagination so you can encourage kids to explore the movements of their bodies and connect with the happy feelings brought on by breath awareness as well as this specific activity.